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  1. Give each player one base. Each player chooses on which side to place it.

  2. Shuffle the Junk Art deck and place it within easy reach of all players.

  3. Spread out the Junk pieces as a supply, with the fan tokens and tape measure nearby.

  4. Start player is: first city - last to have visited an art exhibition; following cities: player with the fewest fans. In case of tie, next in clockwise order.

  5. Finish setting up by following the city's special rules.

Placing Pieces

  • When you must choose a piece, it becomes your active piece as soon as you pick it up.

  • You may use one or two hands to place your active piece.

  • The active piece can go anywhere on your structure and it may not touch the table.

  • You may hold your base with one hand.

  • You may use the active piece to move one or more pieces on your structure. Pieces on your structure must remain in contact with the structure at all time.

  • If you have more than one piece to place during your turn, you must place them one at a time.

Fallen Pieces

  • At any time, if a piece falls oa structure and touches the table, the owner of that structure sets that piece aside and keeps it as one of their fallen pieces.

  • If you cause any pieces from any player's structure to fall on the table, you keep those pieces as fallen pieces.

Exhibition End

In all cities, the exhibition ends immediately if all the Junk Art cards have been played.

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