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  • 600 Cards: 120 Cards Each Categories
  • 1 Velvet Black Bag
  • 1 Hourglass (30 Seconds)
  • 1 Scorecard Pad
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

You and your team must work together to guess the cards in the bag as fast as you can! Each of the three rounds brings a new challenge to your team. Guess the most cards and you WIN!


Split up into two teams and sit in a circle alternating between the first and second team. Pick a team name and be sure to chant and cheer your team on towards victory!

Draw four cards from a chosen category for every player involved (e.g. 10 players = 40 cards). You may play make the game more difficult by adding five cards per player, or three cards per player for a quick game.

ou may play by selecting cards from all five categories, or a mix of two or three categories for more fun!

Shuffle cards and place them in the bag! Note: For a faster moving game, you may give 4 cards to each player to see before the game begins. Be sure to shuffle before putting them in the bag.

Game Play

  1. The youngest player starts with the bag! That's right, you old timers!

  2. Flip over the 30 second hourglass to begin your turn.

  3. Once the timer has started, you take one card out of the bag at a time.

  4. Following the rules for each round (see next page for the rules of the round), you try to get your team to guess the words on the card.

  5. As soon as your team guesses the correct word, take another card out of the bag, and continue until the timer runs out or until all of the cards are out of the bag.

  6. Keep the cards your team guessed for scoring at the end of the round.

  7. After your turn, pass the bag clockwise to the other team.

End of the Round

The round is over when all the cards are guessed from the bag!

  1. Tally up the points from each player for the team; each card that was guessed is worth one point.
  2. After the points have been tallied, collect the cards, shuffle them, and then place them back into the bag for the next round.
  3. Start the next round. The player left of the player who finished the previous round begins with the bag.

Tip: You are using the same cards for all three rounds; the team members that remember the cards do the BEST!!


  • Locations: this is about places in the world, whether that is some- where in the house, or the name of a country or city in the world. PeogOeg this is about people (historical, famous, familial) and some of their characteristics and daily actions.

  • Recreation and Sportss: this is about anything sport related and includes leisure activities.

  • Entertainment: this is about movies, TV shows, and the details of entertainment.

  • Outdoors: this is about animals, nature, and could be anything that is outdoors!

Three Rounds

#1 Describe the Word

During this round, you talk to your team to describe the words on the card, but you cannot say the words themselves.

In addition, you cannot describe the word itself, meaning you may not say how it is spelled, what it rhymes with, etc. Actions are not permitted during this round.

#2 One Word Desription

During this round, you may only say one word per card to describe what the card says.

For example, if the word is bottle, you may choose to say "water" or "sports", but once you say the word, you have to wait for their guesses, you may not say more words or give more clues.

It helps if your team remembers what the cards were from the previous round.

#3 Act it Out

During this round, you act out the card, but you may not use any sound while acting. The group may vote to allow humming or sounds like barking.


If you break the rules of the round, you place the card back in the bag and draw another card. DO NOT say what the card was, as it will appear again out of the bag. If you break the rules twice in a turn, your turn is over. Pass the bag to the next team.


Skipping a word is not allowed, although an exception may be ap- plied one time per round; a team may put one card back into the bag and select another card. Your team gets one skip per round. Use them wisely!

End of the Game

After all three rounds are finished, add up the round totals for each team. The team with the most points WINS! And they get to brag about it until the next game.

In the case of a tiebreaker, put all of the same cards in the bag and Act Out the cards again using the Lightning Rules (explained in 'Alternate Play' below). This round is sudden death, meaning that the team with higher points after one turn wins the game!

Alternate Play

Play all three rounds using Lightning Rules.

This is played with the original rules, but instead as soon as a team member guesses the card, you pass the bag clockwise to the team member on your left and they have to explain/act out the next card.

Continue guessing and passing the bag until the 30 seconds are finished.

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