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The solo game differs only in a few aspects from the multiplayer game. Each game takes about 15 minutes. For a particularly exciting challenge, you can play up to three successive games.


Shuffle the 6 Forest Floors and take 1 Forest Floor and 1 Backpack. Return the remaining Forest Floors, Backpacks, the start player marker, and the Bush to the box. You will not need them for your solo game(s).

Flip the two game board halves to the solo game side and place them next to each other in the middle of the table. Randomly split up the Leaf tiles into 3 stacks of 25 tiles.

In each of your (up to 3) games, you will be playing with 25 puzzle tiles ensuring that all Leaf tiles will be used and you will get a final scoring that is less luck-dependent.

Take 1 stack and distribute the 25 Leaf tiles as follows:

  1. Place 5 random Leaf tiles in two lines above and below the game board. These two lines form the Top and Bottom Path respectively.
  2. On each of the 10 spaces labeled "X" place 1 Leaf tile at random.
  3. Place the remaining 5 Leaf tiles in front of you. They represent your Player Path.

There is no Common Path in the solo game.

Put the two other Leaf tile stacks to the side as you will only need them for the next game(s). Sort the Animal tiles and place them next to the game board. Place the corresponding Treasure tokens on the 3 special Animal tiles (Raccoon, Fox, Badger). Separate the remaining Treasure and Squirrel tokens and place them next to the shorter sides of the game board.

Take 1 Berry, 1 Nut, and 1 Mushroom. Place these Treasure tokens above your Backpack.

Game Play

The solo game consists of exactly 10 turns. Your turn varies from the multiplayer game as follows:

At the beginning of each turn, move the Leaf tile on the space with the number corresponding to the current turn ("X") onto the last empty space on the very right. This way you can count your turns.

You execute one turn after another. Placement rules for the Leaf tiles remain the same as in the multiplayer game. Only the way you get your Leaf tiles and the Actions of the Berries and Mushrooms is going to change.

The Top and the Bottom Path

Refill your Player Path immediately when you take the last Leaf tile from your Player Path.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Decide on the Top or the Bottom Path.
  2. Decide on the left or right side of the Path you have chosen.
  3. Take the outermost Leaf tile on this side of the Path you have chosen.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you have exactly 5 Leaf tiles on your Player Path.

If there are less Leaf tiles on your chosen Path than you are allowed to take, take only as many as there are on that Path. But you may return a Berry to the common supply to take the missing Leaf tiles from the other Path.


Return a Mushroom to the common supply to execute this Alternative Main Action.

Take the 2 Leaf tiles on the Mushroom spaces and place them in an order of your choosing on your Forest Floor.

If you do not have the space for both of them on your Forest Floor you may forgo taking 1 of the 2 Leaf tiles. Should there be just 1 Leaf tile on the Mushroom spaces, take the 1 remaining tile. Afterwards move any Leaf tiles which lie on spaces with a lower number than the current turn one after the other to the last empty space on the very right.


Return a Berry to the common supply to execute this Special Action.

Refill your Player Path to 5 Leaf tiles. To do this, follow the steps 1-4 described to the left. You have to refill to 5 Leaf tiles if able.

If there are not enough Leaf tiles in the Path you chose to refill your Path to 5 Leaf tiles again, you take all remaining Leaf tiles, and end the Special Action Berry early.

This is the only possibility to take less than 5 Leaf tiles when using the Special Action Berry.

If you do already have 5 Leaf tiles on your Player Path, you may take a sixth Leaf tile. For this tile you may again choose from both Paths and between both sides. You may never have more than 6 Leaf tiles on your Player Path.

Scoring of a game

After 10 turns your game is over. Finish filling your Forest Floor by exchanging Treasure tokens for Nuts and exchanging the Nuts for Squirrels.

If you manage to cover all spaces of the Forest Floor you have won the game.

If you do not cover all the spaces of the Forest Floor, the game is considered lost and each uncovered space counts as 1 negative point.

You earn positive points for every Treasure token you have left in your supply. Each Berry is worth 1 point, each Nut 2 points, each Mushroom 3 points, and each Feather 4 points. An overall score of 0 points can be considered a success.

Play the next game with one of the remaining stacks you initially laid aside.

Scoring of 3 games

'1 he final score over 3 games is the point total from your 2 best won games. If you only win 1 game, your final score is the sum of your 2 worst lost games. If you lose your first two games, the 3rd game is forfeit.

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