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  • 61 transparent cards
  • 65 Enigma cards
  • 35 tokens

Object of the Game

Win the most points by guessing and getting the other players to guess enigmas with the help of the transparent cards.


  1. Arrange all of the transparent cards in a large circle on the playing surface.

  2. Put the tokens within easy reach.

  3. Shuffle the Enigma cards and place them in a pile.

Game Play

The most creative player goes first. (If you cannot decide, the youngest one starts). On your turn, you have to get the other players to guess an enigma. To do this, you must:

  1. Draw an Enigma card. Another random player calls out a number between 1 and 8 which tells you which enigma on the card has to be guessed.

    If you do not know this enigma you can pick the next one down or above (for line 1 choose between 8 or 2 and for line 8, between 7 and 1).

    Note: Younger players can choose any other enigma on the card.

  2. Say the enigma's clue aloud, shown in bold above the word.

  3. Get the other players to guess your enigma using the transparent cards. Look around at the all of the transparent cards, then take as many as you like to create your clue. You may use the cards however you want, according to these guidelines:

    You May:

    • Use as many cards as you wish.

    • Put the cards together, put them on top of each other, combine them, and MOVE them.

    • Hide parts of the cards with your fingers.

    • Make 3D models of the cards by lifting them up from the table.

    You May Not:

    • Speak, make noises or sing.

    • Mime with your hands.

    • Make letters or digits with the cards.

As soon as you place the first card, the other players can start guessing your enigma.

The first player who guesses the enigma and the player who placed the transparent cards both earn 1 point. (Each should take a token in front of them). If several players give the correct answer at exactly the same time, they each earn 1 point.

Note: There is no time limit. If nobody guesses the enigma after a period of time decided by the players, then the round ends and nobody earns a point.

Use All The Cards You Like In Any Way You Like!

Next Turn

Return all of the used transparent cards back to the circle. Then it is the next player's turn (clockwise) to get the players to guess a new enigma.

End of the Game

The game ends when each player has managed to get the other players to correctly guess 2 enigmas. The player who accumulates the highest number of points is the winner.

If there is a tie, play one more deciding round!

"unlimited Imagination" Version

Once you have played a few times, get the other players to guess an enigma of your own creation instead of from a card.

When it is your turn, provide a relevant clue (film, character, object..). and you are off to the races! You can also personalize your enigmas with common interests (works of art, book titles, video games..). or more personal themes such as "William's favorite toy", your vacation destination or "mother-in-law"...

Make sure to pick something that all the players know about!

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