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  • Game Unit
  • 2 Balls
  • instructions

Game Unit


  1. Remove the caps covering each of the water tanks and carefully pour water into each tank opening, stopping when the water hits just below the inner rim of the tank.

  2. Replace both tank caps.

  3. Set both score trackers to zero.

    Game Play

    Players sit across from one another, with one player at each end of the gameboard.

    To begin the game, each player should press the pressure button located next to his/her score tracker (Fig. 3).

    The youngest player starts by placing a ball on one of the release ramps (Fig. 4) and allowing the marble to fall onto the gameboard. Players take turns, releasing the balls on each new round.

    Both players place their hands on the hand grips and squeeze the grips back toward them to operate the flippers on the gameboard (Fig. 5).

    Figure 5

    When the ball touches the flippers, the player on that side of the gameboard should quickly squeeze the hand grips to send the ball down the alley toward his/her opponent's target.

    If the ball hits a target, it will activate the mist and spray the player on that side of the gameboard.

    The player who hit the target scores one point and moves his/her score tracker one space (Fig. 6).

    To reset the game and begin the next round, press the pressure buttons on both ends of the gameboard.

    Figure 6

    End of the Game

    The first player to score 5 points, wins.

    Important: If you run out of water during the game, repeat the steps listed in set-up.

    Empty both water tanks after use. Leave the tank lids off for a couple of hours to completely dry out the tanks before putting the game away.

    Double Strike Variation:

    For a more challenging game, use both balls at the same time!

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