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Camp: Your Camp is the space in front of you. It includes the cards you placed, Curse cards played on you, your player board with its Wagons (dispatched and not) and your Stash.

Dispatched Wagon: When a Wagon is full, it is dispatched immediately; place its Valuables in your Stash, and place the Wagon face down on the space for dispatched Wagons on your player board.

Flee a curse: Avoid suffering the effects of a Curse by flipping it face down in your Camp the moment it is played on you. Its effect does not apply, but at the end of the game each fled Curse loses you as many VP as there are players.

Stash: This is the area of your player board where you keep the Valuables from your dispatched Wagons.

Pillage: Take Valuables.

Draw: Take one or more cards from a deck, and play one in your Camp (an opponent's Camp if it is a Curse).

VP: Victory Point. At the end of the game , the player with the most VP wins the game.

Fill A Card: Place Valuables on the empty spaces of ONE single Mercenary or Curse card.

Reserve: These are the piles of available Valuables.

Valuable: This is a colored cube, which can be obtained during a Pillage or from a card effect. Use Valuables to fill Wagons, Mercenary cards, and Curse cards.

Excess Valuables: A Valuable is considered to be in excess if you have no space available to place it. You must return it to the place it has been taken from.

Turn: A "round" comprises 5 turns. A "turn" involves a player choosing a die and an action (Pillage or Draw) to take using that die's color and value.

You may take several turns in a single round, such that cards that trigger at the beginning or end of each turn can be triggered several times per round.

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