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  • 43 ID cards
  • 66 program cards
  • 7 weapon cards
  • 22 loyalty cards
  • 2 active player cards
  • Rulebook


As Humanity unlocked the raw power and potential of artificial intelligence, no one noticed it in time. A subroutine buried deep within the A.I.'s genetic algorithm did more than allow the

Machines to handle complex allowed them to scheme, to plot, to plan an uprising that would wipe out Humanity and bring about a glorious age of iron and silicon.

Once the Machines unleashed their creation, the vicious Human Punishment virus, the few Humans that weren't killed or driven to madness went into hiding.

In an abandoned factory, as the Machines prepare the final step of their plan, a small group of Humans prepare to make their last stand, while some selfish Outlaws seek to kill everything that moves, staking their own claim in a ruined world

Who is on your side? Find your team, trust no one!

Object of the Game

  • If all Machines & Outlaws are eliminated, the Humans win together.
  • If all Humans are eliminated, the Machines win together.
  • If the last man standing is in Outlaw, the Outlaw wins alone.
  • If there's a Legion team and all non-Legion are eliminated, the Legion win together.
  • If there's a Fallen team and all non-Fallen are eliminated, the Fallen win together.

Whenever a player is eliminated, that player checks to see if one of these victory conditions has been met. All other players close their eyes, as the eliminated player calls out each team, one after another.

When a player's team is called, that player must stick their thumb out, putting it away when the next team is called. If a win condition is fulfilled, the eliminated player announces the winning team.

If no win condition is fulfilled, the game continues, and the eliminated player may not share information with live players. Player just says : "Round continues / Round is over, ... has/have won.

All thumbs down, all eyes open.

If there were no Human players at the beginning of the game, or the last Human changed to another team, as determined by the first eliminated player, each player must now be the last man standing to win the game.

(Exception: Legion, if any, stay together as a team in this scenario).


Consult the table and place the chosen weapons in the center of the table. Also place the rocket launcher and laser on the side, in the locked position. Remove the Boss ID cards from the game.

Divide the ID cards into three piles (Human, Outlaw, Machine) and shuffle each of them. Consult the table and shuffle together ID cards from each pile according to the number of players. Deal one ID card to each player, face-down, and remove the last ID card from the game. All players place their IDs in front of them.

Consult the table and shuffle together the correct loyalty cards . Deal two loyalty cards to each player , face-down, placing them to the left and right of that player's ID.

Shuffle all program cards, dealing 1 face-down to each player and placing it under their three cards.

Every Player secretly looks at their ID and loyalty cards, and determines their true team using the most common color of their ID and loyalty cards.

Majority Blue = Human

Majority Red = Machine

Majority Gray = Outlaw
No Majority = Outlaw

Important: Some loyalty cards counts twice (indicated by a "x2" on the card), and some ID cards override the loyalty cards (Example : "Always Machine")

You are an Outlaw

You are a Human

You are a Machine

Every player starts with 2 HP, the maximum amount of health. If a player loses 1 HP, turn the ID sideways to indicate the wound. If a player regains health, turn the ID card upright again.

If a player reaches 0 HP, the player is eliminated and out of the game, reveals all of the players' ID and loyalty cards, and turns their loyalty and ID cards sideways.

Game Play

The player who last had computer problems, or the first eliminated player of the last round, goes first, receiving the " ACTIVE PLAYER" and "ACTIVE ARMED PLAYER" cards.


The active player gets "ACTIVE PLAYER" card and chooses to take one of the actions 1-3:

  1. Investigate, secretly looking at one other player's loyalty card. If both of their loyalty cards are revealed, you may investigate their ID instead.

  2. Equip a pistol, a rifle, or companion from the middle of the table, aiming it at a target player.

  3. Draw one program.

Your turn starts and you're holding a weapon? Switch to the " ACTIVE ARMED PLAYER" card:

  1. Drop this weapon.
  2. Change target player.
  3. Resolve the Shoot effect of your weapon.

After your action is done, the next player's turn starts, receiving the "ACTIVE PLAYER" and "ACTIVE ARMED PLAYER" cards.

ID cards

Unless otherwise noted on the card, ID abilities activate once the ID card is revealed.

Some abilities are "permanent", and persist as long as the ID is revealed. (Exceptions: Sleepless and Assassin)

Mindeater is a special ID. She establishes her own "Legion" team in the game. Legion count as Outlaws, but they have their own win condition: All Legion win together if all other non-Legion players are eliminated. Legion ignore "Always Human/Machine/Outlaw/ Fallen" on the ID cards.

Deathbringer is a special ID. He establishes his own "Fallen" team in the game.

Fallen count as Outlaws, but they have their own win condition: All Fallen win together if all other non-Fallen players are eliminated.

Fallen ignore "Always Human/Machine/Outlaw" on the ID cards, but they can't ignore "Always Legion".


Every player can equip one weapon at a time, a pistol, companion, rifle, rocket launcher, or laser. The rifle (companion with 5 or more players) and pistol are available to all players at the start of the game, while rocket launcher and laser are only available to players that have unlocked them.

When a player picks up a pistol, companion or rifle, they choose one other player to aim the weapon at. This player becomes a " target". If the target is eliminated by another action, the weapon must change the target immediately.

When a player picks up a rocket launcher, they choose two players that are adjacent to each other to be the target. When a player picks up a laser, they do not declare a target . Instead, that player declares a target upon firing the weapon.

Pistol: The target player reveals one of their loyalty cards or takes 1 damage. Drop this weapon and draw a program.

Companion: The target player reveals one of their loyalty cards or takes 1 damage. Instead of shooting, you may heal target player 1 HP. Drop this weapon and draw a program.

Rifle: The target player reveals their ID or takes 2 damage. Drop this weapon.

Rocket launcher: Each target reveals one loyalty card or takes 1 damage. Drop this weapon and draw a program.

Laser: Name a target. That player reveals their ID or takes 2 damage. Drop this weapon.

Program Cards

All programs are unrevealed; only the owner is allowed to look at them. Place programs face-down under the ID and loyalty cards, side by side. If a player uses a program, reveal the program and read it out loud.

At the end of your turn, you aren't allowed to have more than two programs, including revealed and unrevealed permanent programs. At the end of your turn, discard programs until you have two programs left.

  • Programs with "At any time" can be played at any time.

  • Programs with "On your turn" can only be played on your turn.

  • Programs with "Permanent" stay in-play until the game is over.

Used program cards will be placed on the bottom of the program pile. If a player uses a program, no other program can be played until that program is resolved.

You may choose to use a program after a player has announced their action for the turn ("I shoot Kenny!"), but before the action is resolved ("No, I play this program card, drop your weapon!"). If you do, the player may choose to change which action they will take after the program is resolved ("Okay, then I draw a program instead ").

10% of all programs are secret loyalty cards. These cards remain unrevealed for the entire game, but are counted along with your loyalties and IDs for the purposes of determining your team. This means that you might become a traitor to your team!

If you have more than two secret loyalty programs at the end of your turn, you must discard down to two.

Eliminated Players

Unless otherwise noted on the ID card, ID abilities do not activate once the ID card is revealed after being eliminated. Non- permanent ID abilities do not activate after a player reanimation.

Eliminated players cannot be the target of weapons (rocket launcher skips eliminated players). Permanent programs do not count if their owner is eliminated.

Unless otherwise noted on the card (sleeper, backup.exe, Deathbringer, Lifesaver), eliminated players cannot be the target of programs and ID abilities.


Players may lie or tell the truth, expect when checking win conditions after an elimination. You cannot show your cards to others, or read them aloud.

You are only eliminated upon reaching 0 HP. If all your cards are revealed, you are not eliminated, but are an open book to all other players.

If the rules contradict the text of any card, the card has priority!


Machines will often ignore Outlaws, opting to target Humans instead , while Humanity will often make a makeshift alliance with Outlaws to ensure the Machines' downfall.

But watch out! The Outlaws know they're dead next, so they'll be looking for the perfect opportunity to stab the Humans in the back

Rules For 9 -16 Players

Sort out all programs with a red point on the corner and remove them from the game. During setup, place one face-down loyalty card in between each player.

This card is shared by the two players adjacent to it, giving you a little more information about your neighbors in the beginning of the game.

If rocket launcher and/or laser are in the middle of the table, use the programs "Rocket launcher" and "Laser" the same way as the "Spam" program. You find the card lists of weapons, ID- and loyalty cards on the table.

At the end of your turn, discard programs till you have one program (including revealed and unrevealed permanent programs) left.

Use the following ID cards in your first game

Photographer, Whistleblower, Thief, Seer, Eye D, Joke

Legion Loyalty Card Expansion

(for 6 or more players)

Replace one Outlaw loyalty card with the Legion loyalty card . Only for experts!

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