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  • 24 Wooden Hippos (six each in four colors)
  • 1 Wooden Hoop
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first person to land four of your hippos into or under the wooden hoop when it stops spinning.


Note: This game plays best on smooth flat surfaces, like wood tables and floors.

  • Give each player six hippos of one color. Place any extras back in the box.
  • Line up your hippos, flat-side-up, in front of you.
  • Place the wooden hoop in the center of the playing area.

Game Play

Hula Hippos is played in rounds. To start the first round, hold the hoop upright between your thumb and forefinger and give it a good spin onto the playing surface.

As soon as the hoop starts spinning, all players simultaneously try to flick their hippos in an attempt to position

them so that they end up inside or underneath the hoop when it stops.

Hippo Flicking Rules:

  • You may only flick each hippo once.
  • You may only use one hand to flick the hippos.
  • You may not touch the hoop while it is spinning.

Ending a Round

Once the hoop stops spinning, all flicking must immediately stop. All hippos lying either inside the hoop or underneath the edge of the hoop have won the round's hula contest! Remove them from the game and place them back in the box.

Starting a New Round

Gather any of your remaining hippos and line them up in front of you.Another player starts a new round by picking up the hoop and spinning it onto the playing surface.

End of the Game

Play rounds until one player has successfully flicked four hippos into the hoop. In case of a tie, play until one player flicks five hippos into the hoop.


  1. Be the first player to flick all six of your hippos into the hoop.

  2. You may flick all of your hippos more than once as long as the hoop is still spinning.

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