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  • 1 x game board
  • 28 x buildings
  • 8 x recreational facilities
  • 8 x title deeds
  • 1 x control tower
  • 1 x hanger
  • 30 x hotel entrances
  • 1 x pack on banknotes
  • 4 x airplanes
  • 2 x dice
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to become a rich Hotel Tycoon. Build Hotels, welcome guests and hope they stay so long that they go broke paying bills!


Place the Bank and Town Hall on their spaces on the board, and the hotel buildings by the side of the game, together with the leisure facilities, entrances, Title Deeds, Event Cards and Player Limousines.

Choose one Player to be the banker and to look after the Title Deeds. You could start with 3 different setups:

  1. Classic game revised: Bank gives $7.000 to each player as follows:

    • 1 x $5.000
    • 1 x $1.000
    • 1 x $500
    • 5 x $100
  2. Self made men variant: Players start with $0. It keeps properties from getting taken at first die roll and makes you work at getting the first stable properties up and running.

  3. Investors deathmatch: Players start with asymmetrical amounts of money, but have different abilities. Every Player rolls a 6-sided dice: highest number ranks first. In case of a tie, the two contends roll another time one versus one. Distribute player tokens accordingly.

    • World's richest man: Bank gives $10.000, in 2 bills of $5.000. Ability: procrastinate the payment of a bill to his/her next turn, as every VIP hates to waste time managing money.

    • Financial holding: Bank gives $4.000, in 4 bills of $1.000. Ability: discard an Event Card and immediately pick a new one single time during the game, because your corporate is financially solid and resilient.

    • Co-op association of workers: Bank gives $3.000, in 25 bills of $100 and Player picks 1 Event Card. This card could be played immediately. Ability: may build paid entrances also after passing the Bank line: concrete and masonry have no secrets for this squadron of work- ravers.

    • Startupper: Bank gives $6.650, in 1 bill of every kind and Player picks 3 Event Cards. These cards have to be played when Player starts the 3rd, 4th and 5th lap on the board.

      Ability: skips the first bankrupt, getting another $3.000 from the Bank.

Game Play

  1. Move on the board to buy lands that are not already built

  2. Obtain planning permissions using the special dice, and put up first the main building, than any other upgrade

  3. Add hotel entrances only after establishing the main building

  4. Play event cards, also to reach your goals or as an impediment to your opponents

  5. Winner is declared when two players are out for bankrupt or you reach $50.000

Moving on the Board

On your turn, throw two 6-sided dice, chose which one you want for movement and move forward that number of spaces. This way Players have the choice to run faster, pay a lower amount or give money to their favorite opponent.

If you score a double when throwing your two dice, you may move any number of spaces from 1 to 6 but you have to pick an Event Card. Further explanations about the Event Cards below.

If you score a six when throwing your two dice, you do not pay any transaction applicable (such as paying for any nights' accommodation) because you get instantly a second free turn. Move 6 spaces, pick an Event Card, and throw your two dice again. But get another six (just one six from one of your two dice) and you go to rest in the Car Park at the start. See below about how you could exit from it.

The Car Park space (also: Parking lot) at the start counts as one movement tile: every time a Player lands exactly on it (the tile with the red arrow) or rolls a 6 two times in a row, put the car in the Park slot of the right color and stop.

Now, if an opponent lands on a Hotel entrance that belongs to the parked Player, he/she will not pay anything, because the hotel owner is resting, and his/her hotel is closed.

On your next turn, you must roll one six from two 6-sided dice if you want to move again. If you succeed, pay a $100 fee to leave the parking lot, then start immediately to roll again as usual. If you fail, pay a $100 fee and stay parked for another turn, or pay a $1.000 fine to leave the parking lot immediately.

Only on the first lap, the Player who first crosses the starting line gets a money bonus of $2.000. The second Player also gets a smaller bonus of $1.000. This is to balance the initial race for the Title Deeds.

Each time you pass the yellow line near the Bank, you collect $2.000 of interest rates on your savings and investments.

Cars may not share spaces: if you land on an opponent's car, move ahead to the next free space. This not apply to the starting tile, Car Park, when one or more opponents are parked.

You must claim $2.000 from the Bank when you pass it, and the right to build an entrance when you pass the Town Hall before the next player throws the die, otherwise you lose the right to do so.

Buying Space

When you land on a buying space you may buy the land adjacent to only one of the sides of that space. Ask the Bank if you may see the Title Deed: if you can afford it, pay the cost of the land to the Bank and keep the Title Deed.

If the land is owned by an opponent, but no buildings are on it, you may buy it by paying the cost of the land to the owner: the owner's consent is not needed, and you take immediate possession of the Title Deed.

Building Hotels

When you land on any Build Space, and you own a Title Deed somewhere, you may want to put up one or more buildings on only one of your properties.

Adding buildings will increase your property value and earnings. Hardcore variant: you can build freely only when landing on a Build Space adjacent to the land that you want to build on, or you can build only one upgrade per turn on other lands.

To put up a building(s) and recreational facilities, on your turn, you have to announce to the Bank what and where you want to build. If you can afford it, you may want to build more than one building on the same plot of land on that turn.

You have to get permission To Build by rolling the multicolored die. If you roll:

  • Green: permission is granted; pay to the Bank the amount(s) shown on your Title Deed for the appropriate building(s) and put it (or them) on your gameboard property.

  • Red: permission is denied; wait until you land on another Build Space to roll again.

  • H: you can build everything you can afford for half of the total price in this turn!

  • 2: you are obliged to build and pay the Bank to double the cost shown on the Title Deed.

You can build only on a single plot of land for every turn. Each building must be built in the sequence shown on your Title Deed: main building, then dependances, then other facilities.

You must build if you obtain permission, even if you have to raise extra money to do so: if you can't afford the cost overrun, you must pay half the regular price and you do not get the upgrade.

If you land on a Build Space directly adjacent to your property and you choose to do not build anything, you must pay $100 for hotel maintenance. Roll the multicolored die: if you get a green pay $100, if you roll a 2 pay $500, and pay nothing if you roll the red.

If you roll the H, you get an extra tip from your customers of $100! This might incentivize Players to build fast or leave/sell unused lots, as you have the chance to pay little maintenance costs also on the unbuild soil patches.

If you land on Build One Phase Free, you may put up the main building on a vacant site that you own or add one building or leisure facility to one of your hotels under construction. If your hotel(s) is (are) already fully built, get $1.500 from the Bank.

Hotel Entrances

Whenever you pass the yellow Buy An Entrance line near the Town Hall, you are entitled to buy one entrance for each of your hotels, providing that the main building in each case has already been put up. You may add one entrance per hotel per board lap. Occasionally, you will land on a Build Space on the same turn that you pass the yellow Buy An Entrance line: do both actions.

Your first entrance on any property must be placed on the Reserved Space, designated by a star. Opponents can't place an entrance here, even if the land is not for sale.

No two entrances (whether yours or belonging to an opponent) may be placed facing each other on the same space.

When you land on One Free Entrance, add one entrance to one of your hotels only if it already has the main building placed. If you are unable to place the One Free Entrance, you could discard it, give it to another player for free or sell it to the Bank for $100.

This action can also be read as Steal An Entrance from an opponent's hotel: just switch the side of the street tile it is on. It can be used on two of your own Hotels also, as long as they are across from each other. Reserved spaces cannot be relocated.

This helps alleviate game stagnancy when all entrances are placed. Along with the 2 dice movement method, players can try to set up a friendly entrance to land on in the middle of the opponents' ones.

Claiming Payments

When an opponent lands on a space carrying an entrance to your hotel, he must throw the standard die to decide how many nights he will stay as a guest.

Depending on his throw, he must pay following the star rating your hotel has earned, as shown in the Title Deed. He then moves on as usual on his next turn.

It is up to you to keep your eyes open and claim payment when someone arrives at an entrance to your hotel. If the next player throws the die before you have requested the money, you must forfeit that income.


If you are unable to pay your way, you must put one (or more, if necessary!) of your properties or plots of land up for auction. There is no reserve price and all players may bid. You must sell to the highest bidder, that receives the hotel (or land) as it stands, together with the Title Deed.

You must immediately pay off as much of your debts you are able, even if it bankrupts you and therefore puts you out of the game.

If no-one buys your Title Deed and hotel, just sell it to the bank for half its value. This way it is pulled down and the land is put up for sale again. You have also the option to pull down any individual building yourself and get half of the value back.

A Player may sell buildings or facilities for half of the list price at any time to the Bank. Also, Entrances may be sold to the Bank at list price at any time.

When the main structure gets sold back to the Bank, the Player has to sell all remaining Entrances too. This mimics the fast rise and fall of several hotel chains, often repurchased under new management.

If you receive a Planning Permission and find that you cannot afford it, and you decide to auction off that site, nor you nor the Player who buys the site do have to pay for the Planning Permission, that is discarded.

However, if you sell off a different site to finance new buildings, you must, of course, pay to use the Planning Permission just obtained.

Event Cards

Event Cards are picked at the start in Investors Deathmatch, every time a Player scores a double (same number when rolling two dice) or a six, when exiting from the Parking Lot or when prompted by other Event Cards. Event Cards may be used a single time, then discarded in a pile.

  1. Earthquake:

    The player rolls immediately one 6-sided dice to determine how many structures (including recreation facilities) will lose. If Player owns more than one hotel, roll the multicolored die:

    • Green: choose the favorite site of destruction
    • Red: earthquake affects the most expensive hotel
    • H: choose your favorite and get $1.000 insurance refund
    • 2: earthquake destroys your entire site plus one structure from another hotel on the board
  2. Resting Days

    The first Player reaching or passing the Parking lot stops there, until the other players are back at the starting line, stopping the same way. Players decide who moves first with a new dice roll: the highest number goes first. Show immediately.

  3. Tired Of Work

    When the Player picks this card, he/she immediately decides to take a nap and stops in the Parking lot, discarding every action, including payments to opponents.

  4. Happy Birthday

    You receive $3.000 from the other Players: they must fairly split the amount to pay between them. If a player does not have enough money, he will have to pick an Event Card too. Play when desired.

  5. Tax Expired

    Immediately pay a fine of $4.000 to the Bank.

  6. Mayor Friendship

    Get one free entrance, to immediately place, sell or discard.

  7. Maintenance

    Your properties need immediate care: for each land owned, pay to the Bank $200, for each building or recreation facility pay $400, for each entry you own pay $10. If you can't afford the expense, sell something.

  8. Coffee

    Keep this card and use it to avoid the effect of the "Tired of work" card, "Resting day" card or a "Parking lot" stop.

  9. Interest Rates

    The money you put into your investment portfolio has now grown: receive immediately $3.000 from the Bank.

  10. Sleep in your limousine

    Keep this card in case you land on an opponent's entrance: you will not pay anything. Use it also after throwing the dice to determine how long he will stay in that hotel.

  11. Framed

    You can send any opponent of your choice to the Parking lot. Use it when you want.

  12. Hooligan Horde:

    After a sports match a group of hooligans decided to pester one of your hotels: Police arrive only after the mess and you loose immediately 1 entrance and pay $1.000 of damage.

  13. Financial Bubble

    Immediately stop one turn and get $2.000 from the Bank.

  14. Ponzi Pyramid

    You lose all of a sudden your money, but get a banknote of every kind from each player. Play immediately.

  15. Antitrust Investigation

    Play this card when you prefer to close the Bank during an opponent's turn and lock his/her $2.000.

  16. Huge Tip

    Increase your dice roll by any amount at the cost of $250 per additional space, by giving an extraordinary tip to your car driver. Play when you need it.

  17. Mind Control

    Play this card when you want and turn one or both opponent's dice upside down.

  18. Court Decision

    Immediately sell to the Bank one dependence at half of its price. If you have none, discard this Event.

  19. Tycoon Mecenate

    You immediately honor each of your opponents with a gift worth $200.

  20. Tycoon Beggar

    You immediately give a bankrupt Player a donation of $1.500. If there are no Players out of the game, give $200 to Player with the smallest amount of cash.

End of the Game

The game ends when the second Player goes bankrupt. The winner is declared as the Player with the most money plus full building value of all buildings, improvements, and entrances.

If no-one gets eliminated, the Player that holds $50.000 of personal savings on his turn wins.

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