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Survey the pond, then jump frogs until only ONE is left standing. 40 challenges range from easy to super hard. Start simple and grow your skills with each level. In no time at all you'll be the smartest frog in the pond!


  • Game Grid with Storage Drawer
  • 40 Challenges and Solutions
  • 12 Hopper Frogs
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Hop until only ONE frog is left on the pond.


Select a challenge card and place the frogs on the game grid lily pads as indicated by the illustration.

Game Play

  1. Frogs move from lily pad to lily pad only in the directions indicated by the inscribed lines on the game grid.

  2. You may only move by jumping over another frog on an adjacent lily pad, and landing on the next pad.

  3. When a frog is jumped over, remove it from the pond.

  4. No non-jump moves are allowed. Frogs may not jump over an empty lily pad. No frog may land on another frog. No frog may jump over two frogs at a time.

End of the Game

When only one frog remains on the pond -YOU WIN!

Learning Benefits

Sequential Reasoning: Think about how you want to move your frogs before you begin a challenge. You'll learn to observe problems and sequentially think through the steps to solving them before simply reacting.

Focus and Attention: The ability to quietly focus in on a problem and turn off all other surrounding distractions is a skill that takes practice. Start with one challenge a day to improve this skill!

Perseverance: Don't get frustrated if you can't solve it right away. Look at the grid from all directions and try jumping different frogs. Having patience and determination takes practice but creates great discipline.

Confidence: The success you'll feel when that last frog is standing will boost confidence and make you crave even tougher challenges!

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