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Rating: 5.5 Fair
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 20-15 minutes

Created by: Larry Nybo, Kacey Schwartz

Published by: Gangrene Games, Monkey Beak Games, Quirky Engine Entertainment


Fight the Oogies and build the perfect sandwich - A Card Game of Sandwich Building Fun.

It takes an artist to build the perfect sandwich. Can you be the first to collect and stack fresh ingredients into a hoagie masterpieces before the Oogies, a gang of pesky, ingredient spoiling creatures, destroy your fixings?

Hoagie matches players in a goofy kitchen adventure to create the perfect sandwich while spoiling other players' ingredients with the Oogies.

This family game is appropriate for players of all ages, from 8 and up. In Hoagie, the game designer developed a game that would be fun both for young children and parents, making this game a valuable part of any family game collection.

Hoagie is a card game. Players are dealt a hand of "ingredient cards" and a few "action cards". Players attempt to build sandwiches by placing ingredient cards such as bread, cheese, meat, and lettuce in front of them, face up on the table, in order.

Players may foul other players' ingredients by placing spoiled ingredient cards over opposing sandwiches. Action cards such as "skip" "reverse" and "double-play" add spice to the game.

The first player with an unspoiled hoagie sandwich on the table wins. This game is fast play and simple. Kids love it.

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