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The ice is breaking up! Grab all the fish you can before they slip away. If you don't, another penguin will. It's every penguin family for itself.

Your penguins must race across the rapidly dwindling ice floe to collect the juiciest fish and block off their rivals. But your penguins better stay alert! If a penguin gets stuck on an ice floe, he's done.

Seemingly simple, your goal will be thwarted by devious penguins and an ever-shrinking game board. What strategy will you construct to bypass the competition?

Object of the Game

In Hey, That's My Fish!, 2-4 players move their penguins on the ice floe tiles, collecting fish. The player who has collected the most fish by the end of the game wins.


  • 30 One-fish Tiles
  • 20 Two-fish Tiles
  • 10 Three-fish Tiles
  • 16 Plastic Penguins (4 per color)
  • Rulebook

Ice Floe Tiles

These 60 hexagonal tiles each depict an ice floe with 1-3 fish on the front side and empty water on the back side.

Plastic Penguins

Each player controls 1-4 penguin figures and uses them to collect fish.


  1. Create The Game Board.

    Shuffle the ice floe tiles facedown. Then, flip them faceup and arrange them into eight rows roughly in the shape of a square.

    The rows must alternate between having seven and eight tiles, with the top row having seven (so four rows of seven alternating with four rows of eight). If all players agree, they may switch tiles around (if necessary) to more evenly distribute the two- and three-fish floes.

  2. Select Penguins.

    Each player chooses a penguin color and takes the appropriate number of penguins of that color, depending on the number of players.

    • 2 Players: Each player uses 4 Penguins.
    • 3 Players: Each player uses 3 Penguins.
    • 4 Players: Each player uses 2 Penguins.
  3. Place Penguins.

    Players place their penguins on the game board, starting with the youngest player and proceeding clockwise around the play area. Each player takes a turn placing one penguin on an unoccupied ice floe containing only one fish until players have placed all their penguins.

  4. Start Playing!

Setup Diagram (4-player Game)

Game Play

The game is played over several turns, beginning with the youngest player and proceeding clockwise.

Each player's turn consists of two steps:

  1. Move One Penguin
  2. Collect Ice Floe Tile

Move One Penguin

During this step, the player moves any one of his penguins as far as he wants in a straight line.

The penguin may move in any one of the six directions of the hexagon, but it cannot change direction during the move.

The penguin can only move onto unoccupied ice floes. It cannot move onto or through floes occupied by another penguin (even one of its own color) or spaces without ice floes.

Penguin Movement

Court Ice Floe Tile

During this step, the player takes the ice floe tile the penguin started its move from and adds the tile to his collection (placing the tile faceup in a pile in front of himself).

Collecting Ice Floes

Once the current player takes his ice floe tile, the next player's turn begins.

A player must move one of his penguins each turn. If he cannot, his penguins have collected all the fish they can and he does not take any more turns. He then removes his penguins from the game board and adds the ice floes they occupied to his collection.

Play continues in this manner until no penguins have any more legal moves and all penguins have been removed from the game board. Any uncollected ice floes are returned to the box.

End of the Game

Once all penguins have been removed from the game board, players total the fish on their collected ice floes.

The player with the most fish wins the game. If there is a tie, the tied player with the most collected ice floes wins.

If the game is still tied, all tied players share the victory.

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