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Setup is the same as a normal 4-player game, but teammates must sit across from each other so the teams' turns are alternating. The team with the youngest player goes first.

Game Play

The game plays as normal with the following changes to Step 2: Plant:

Each player places 3 cards in the Plant step, instead of 2. Draw them one at a time, deciding where each card is placed. In any order:

  • 1 card is placed in the player's Private Garden.

  • 1 card is placed in the Community Garden.

  • 1 card is placed in their Teammate's Private Garden.

In a Team game, 12 cards are played per round for a total of 6 rounds in the game.

"Table talk" and discussion by teammates is permitted

End of the Game

When the game ends, each player scores their Containers per normal play but the teammates then add their total scores together.

The team with the highest score wins.

In the case of a tie, the team with the highest combined Glass Jar score wins. If there is still a tie, the team with the highest single Glass Jar wins.

Expert Team Play

Have you had a team partner for years? Looking for more competitive play? Try out the Team Variant with either or both of these two changes:

Single Teammate Score: Instead of combining both players' scores at the end of the game, the team's final score is the score of the teammate with the lowest score.

No Table Talk: Players may not discuss or consult each other on strategy during the game. In addition, when drawing and playing cards, the player drawing the card may not reveal it to others until they've clearly stated where it will be planted. Once revealed, the player may not change their decision of where to plant.

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