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  • 1 Playing Field
  • 40 Carrots (12 small, 10 medium, 18 large)
  • 1 Wooden Farmer Token
  • 1 Wooden Bunny Token
  • 1 Bunny House
  • 1 Colored Die
  • Illustrated Rules


  • Open the box and leave the playing field nestled inside.

  • Randomly plant the carrots in the holes so that only their stems are showing. Then, rotate the box so that no one remembers which carrots are where.

  • Place the bunny token on the first space of the garden path, in the sand.

  • Place the farmer token on one side of the box and the bunny's house on the other side.

  • Have the youngest player grab the colored die to start; from there play continues clockwise.

Object of the Game

Happy Bunny is a cooperative game in which everyone takes on the role of a bunny that is picking delicious carrots for its family. The bunny is trying to get a longer line of carrots than the farmer who owns the field.

All bitten carrots that are picked go to the bunny, while the unbitten carrots go to the farmer. Carrots come in 3 sizes, so try to get as many large bitten carrots as possible! The game lasts the time it takes for the bunny to make its way through the garden, along the path.

Happy Bunny also includes a competitive variation where everyone picks carrots for themselves; in this variation, the longest line of carrots wins.

Game Play

As the first player, roll the die, look at the color you rolled, and move the bunny token to the closest space on the path that matches that color.

On that space is a number that tells you how many carrots you can pull from the garden. Carefully pick the carrots from the box and sort them.

The ones for the bunny (the tastiest ones!) have a bite on them; collect them in one pile by the bunny's house. The ones without a bite are for the farmer; collect them in a different pile next to the farmer token.

Example: The die shows purple, so the bunny hops forward to the closest purple space. There is a 3 the purple space, so the player picks any 3 carrots from the garden. The 2 bitten carrots go into the bunny's pile, and the unbitten carrot goes into the farmer's pile.

Play continues this way for the rest of the game, with everyone taking turns rolling the die, collecting the carrots, and then sorting them into the two piles. The bunny always hops towards the barn and cannot go backwards.

End of the Game

The game ends when the bunny token reaches the last multicolored space on the garden path.

The multicolored space is used as a "wild" space. When you roll a color that is no longer on the path in front of the bunny, it hops to the last space and the game ends.

Have everyone line up all the bitten carrots that were picked for the bunny, stem to tip. Then, line up the farmer's carrots next to the bunny's carrots.

Everyone wins the game if the line of carrots collected for the bunny is longer than the line of carrots collected for the farmer.

In the event of a tie, remove all the smallest carrots from both lines and compare again.

Competitive Variation

  • Place the bunny token on the first space of the garden path.

  • In this version, everyone takes on the role of the bunny during their turn, but they collect all the carrots they pick in their own individual piles (both bitten and unbitten).

  • Taking turns, roll the die, move the bunny to the closest colored space indicated on its face (in direction of the barn), pick the number of carrots corresponding to the space you land on, and add the carrots to your pile.

  • At the end of the game (when the bunny has reached the last space), have everyone line up their carrots next to each other, stem to tip. Then, compare the lines.

  • The player with the longest line of carrots wins! 0 In the event of a tie, remove all the unbitten carrots from the lines (remember, the bitten ones are the tastiest!) and compare again.

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