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VP Tokens

These tokens can be gained by card abilities. Each token is equal to 1 VP. The number of tokens is not limited to those provided in this set. If you need more, use some other counter to keep track.

VP Token

Public Knowledge

The following items are public knowledge:

  • Quantity of cards in hand (but not names)
  • Names and colors of all cards in a player's guildhall
  • Quantity (but not profession) of completed chapters
  • A player's total VP
  • The top card of the discard pile

Discard Pile

Only the top card of the discard pile is public knowledge. You can only look through the discard pile if a card's ability allows it. You cannot rearrange the discard pile when searching it.

Smaller Games

If you have 2 or 3 players, remove two 5-point VP cards and one of each other VP card. This will help the game move a little more smoothly.

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