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Solo Play

You will play as one spaceship as usual, but you will also move a Ghost Ship, piloted by pure chance. Place your spaceship and one other into the Singularity and place one derelict on space #36.

After shuffling the Fuel Cards each round, make two face-down stacks of five cards. Then put one card face up on top of each stack. Choose one stack and the Ghost Ship will play the other. Shuffle the Ghost Ship's six cards together and place them face down.

Place the Fuel Card you wish to play each Movement Phase face up in front of you. Then reveal the top card of the Ghost Ship's deck. Resolve them in alphabetical order as usual and then discard both cards.

Make it to the Warp Gate within four rounds or you lose! If the Ghost Ship gets to the Warp Gate first, you lose! No Emergency Stop! cards allowed, but place one face down next to you so you remember the color of your ship.

No Secrets

Some experienced players will want the chance to play perfectly by knowing all of the cards that each player has in their hand after the draft. In this variant, when making the typical two-card stacks, do not place either card face down.

Each of the stacks will contain two face-up cards. When you choose a stack, leave it face up in front of you until after all stacks have been drafted. Then each player collects their cards into their hand and keeps them secret for the remainder of the Round. Play continues as normal after the draft.

Hardcore Mode

This variant is only for the hardiest of souls. You may only use your Emergency Stop! card once during the entire game ! So use it wisely. Leave the card face down in front of you after you use it as a reminder of which color spaceship you are. NOTE: This variant may be combined with other variants.

Warp Gate Activated

When a spaceship enters the Warp Gate space (#54), it is immediately removed from the board. But the Warp Gate doesn' t snap shut as it does in the basic game. Instead, continue playing out the rest of the Round.

The game ends after Movement Phase 6 of the Round in which the first player entered the Warp Gate and activated it. Each player who enters the Warp Gate during this last Round of play shares in the victory of having escaped the Gravwell!

Note: This variant may be combined with other variants.

Chaos Theory

In this variant, the Fuel Card you play during Movement Phase 1 of each Round is random! After drafting as usual, shuffle the six cards in your hand. The player on your left chooses one of your cards at random and places it face down in front of you.

When each player has a card in front of them, flip them all face up and resolve the cards in A to Z order as usual. Play the other Movement Phases as normal.

Note: This variant may be combined with other variants.

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