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  • Game Board
  • 6 Monster Character
  • 9 sets of 1-6 cards
  • 11 Monster Mayhem Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

You're a Goosebumps monster who has escaped from your manuscript to roam the streets of Madison.

The only threat to your continued monster mayhem is the magical typewriter of R.L.Stine.

So it's a race across town to make sure you capture the typewriter and can never again be trapped between the pages of a book!


  • All players choose a Monster Character and place it on the START space.
  • One player shuffles the deck and deals each player FOUR cards.
  • Place the deck within reach of all players.
  • The player to the left of the dealer begins and play moves clockwise.

The first part of every turn is picking up enough cards to make a hand of five cards.

Game Play

For your first turn this will be one card, but on subsequent turns you may have to pick up more. Always pick up a card (or cards) to start your turn.

Players follow the trail of manuscript pages. There are THREE ways to advance:

  • Play a numbered card from your hand. Example: play a 3, move forward three spaces. If you land on a Landmark at the completion of yor move, you must take another turn. Draw a card and play again.

  • Play Three of a Kind: If a player collects three cards of the same number, they may play all three at once to move directly to the next Landmark.

  • Playing a Monster Mayhem card: If you play a Monster Mayhem card, all players must follow the instructions on it. If you are on a Landmark you are safe from the effects of Monster Mayhem cards (except the Found Your Book card).

After you have played a card (or cards) from your hand and have moved accordingly, your turn is over and play shifts to the player on your left.

Be sure to pay attention because there are 2 Monster Mayhem cards that you can play during other players' turns.

When it is your turn and the draw pile is out of cards, another player must gather the discarded cards and shuffle them to make a new draw pile.


The Landmarks on the path are: RL Stine's House, Madison Police Station, the Graveyard, the Highschool, and the Amusement Park.

When you are on a Landmark, you are safe from the effects of Monster Mayhem cards - except Found Your Book!

Landmarks are the only spaces that 2 or more players can occupy at the same time. NOTE: The End is NOT a Landmark and 3 of a Kind and Monster Mayhem cards cannot be used to reach it.

Shortcut through the Graveyard

If you land exactly on the Graveyard Shortcut sign on the path then you may proceed to the top tombstone.


If you land on a STEAL space, pick a player (and without looking) steal one of their cards. Play it immediately and move accordingly.

This might help you take another turn or it might not help at all! (The player who had a card stolen will pick up an extra card at the beginning of their next turn).

STEAL spaces are also in effect if you are moved onto

them by another player, in which case it becomes your turn to steal. Play then continues to the left of the last player to steal.

(When you are moved by another player onto the STEAL space - stealing a card becomes your turn, you do not get a regular turn).

Moving Back

There are two ways to move backwards:

  • A player lands exactly on a space occupied by another player (other than a Landmark). The player that was landed on must move back to the spot previously occupied by the player that landed on them.

  • A Monster Mayhem card is played. All players must follow the instructions on the Monster Mayhem cards.

Monster Mayhem Cards

Play these cards during your turn:

  • Note: THE END space is NOT a Landmark!

  • If you are in the lead, you might want to save this card until someone passes you, or it has no effect.

  • If you are the lead player, move the player immediately behind you to their last landmark.

  • Helpful Hint: This card applies to you too, so you might want to save it for when you are on a Landmark and safe from its effect.

Play these cards during other players' turns:

Play to block any attempt to move you using a Monster Mayhem card.

The player who played 3 of a Kind immediately loses their turn and does not move to the next Landmark.

Play moves to the player that used the Freeze Ray card.

End of the Game

The first player to reach THE END space wins. You win by playing a card with the exact or greater number, needed to land on THE END space. Note: You CANNOT use a Monster Mayhem card or 3 of Kind to win the game!

Alternate Start

When playing with 5-6 players you might want to start on R.L. Stine's House for a shorter game.

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