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  • 1 game board
  • 4 pawns
  • 1 pair of wacky glasses
  • 1 set of green/easy lenses
  • 1 set of yellow/medium lenses
  • 1 set of blue/difficult lenses
  • 1 die
  • 1 timer
  • 1 tablet
  • 2 pencils
  • 54 cards (162 challenges and time limits)\

Object of the Game

Be the first team to successfully make it around the game board from start to finish. Players take turns drawing challenges for their team to guess. Get it right and move towards the finish.

Get it wrong and stay where you are. The catch is that you have to draw while wearing the wacky vision-altering glasses!


Place the game board in the middle of the table. Place the glasses and extra lenses next to the game board. Shuffle all the cards together and place them face down next to the board.

Place the die and the timer within everyone's reach. Sit with your team members around the board. Choose a playing pawn. Place all team's pawns on the Start space.

Game Play

The team with the youngest player plays first and hands the timer to one of the other teams.

The playing team determines which player will draw fi rst, rolls the die, and moves their playing piece the number of spaces shown.

The color of the space the pawn lands on determines which challenge to draw and which lenses are used in the glasses.

For example, if your pawn lands on a green space then you would put the green lenses into the glasses and your challenge would be the one next to the green dot on the card.

There are also special spaces on the board:

Choose the lens color (and matching challenge color) you want to use.

Draw with the opposite hand (left hand for right-handed people and right hand for left-handed people).

Draw without wearing the wacky glasses.

Skip your turn.

The drawing player takes the card from the top of the pile and announces the category (object, entertainment, or places), silently reads the challenge, and announces the time limit.

The drawing player then places the card face down on the table so their team cannot see the challenge and puts on the wacky glasses.

The team holding the timer sets the time limit and the game begins!

The drawing player grabs the pencil and paper and tries to get their teammates to say the challenge word before time runs out!

The Rules

  • No speaking or miming while drawing.

  • You cannot draw letters or numbers.

  • You must remain seated and wear the wacky glasses throughout the challenge.

We are brilliant and got it right

Well done - if your team guessed the challenge within the time limit then you may roll the dice, move forward the number of spaces on the die, and your turn is over. If you land on a special space then that circumstance applies to the beginning of your next turn.

For example, if you land on «skip a turn» then you skip your next turn. But if you land on «draw without glasses» you may draw your next challenge without glasses.

If you land on another special space after rolling at the beginning of your next turn, then that special space now applies instead.

Oops, we just couldn't get it..

Oh well - this turn is over - but better luck next time!

End of the Game

Teams continue to take turns and make their way along the game path. The first team to reach the Finish is the winner. It is not necessary to roll the exact number of spaces to reach the Finish.

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