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  • 5 dice with squirrels, acorns, and cars
  • 4 dice with dogs and houses
  • 1 score pad
  • 1 pencil
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Roll the dice to score the most points in each round. The first player to 50 points wins.


Give each player a dog die and place the five squirrel dice in the middle of the playing area. Choose one player to keep score.

Game Play

The player who last ate a nut goes first. On your turn, roll all five squirrel dice at the same time. (Only roll your dog die on other players' turns).

Each die that lands on an acorn counts as one point, squirrels have no value but can be re-rolled, and dice with cars are out of play. As long as you didn't roll all squirrels or all cars, you have the option to either:

  1. Add up the total number of acorns rolled and keep rolling all dice that landed on a squirrel or acorn (place cars off to the side), or

  2. Score the total number of acorns accumulated and end your turn. Note the total on the score pad and play passes to the left.

If you decide to keep rolling, add the number of acorns you roll to the previous amount rolled on this turn. Remember, after S each roll you must choose to either re-roll all squirrel and acorn dice, or end your turn.

Go Nuts

Any time you roll all squirrels in a single roll, with any amount of dice, you lose all points accumulated so far in your turn and immediately enter a Go Nuts! round. Shout

"Go Nuts!" and then pick up only the squirrel dice you just rolled and roll them over and over as fast as you can, adding up acorns along the way. (Count out loud).

At the same time, the other players should roll their dog dice as fast as they can. As soon as they roll a dog they stop rolling and yell, "Woof, Woof, Woof!"

When all players have rolled dogs, you must stop rolling. Record the total number of acorns rolled during the Go Nuts! round and play passes to the left.

Important Note: If you roll any cars during a Go Nuts! round, do not place them to the side.

Just pick them up and re-roll them.

Go Nuts! Examples

  • It would be a Go Nuts! round if you rolled five squirrels on your turn. Shout, "Go Nuts!", then pick up and quickly roll all five dice to accumulate as many acorns as possible before your opponents roll dogs.

  • If, during your regular turn, you rolled this does not cause a Go Nuts! round because you rolled a mixture of cars and squirrels. Put the three cars aside and roll the two squirrel dice again.

All Cars

Any time you roll all cars in a single roll, with any amount of dice, your turn ends immediately and you lose any points that you acquired during this turn.

Does not affect points won in previous turns.

One Die Left Rule

If you have only one die left and you roll an acorn you get to pick up all five dice and continue rolling! (Add the acorn to your previous total).

For example, if you rolled: 33 33 the cars would go out of play. If you choose to roll the remaining die and get an |(9I, add one to your previous total and pick up all five dice and continue your turn.

Note: If you have one die left and roll a car, it ends your turn and wipes out your score for that turn.

Rolling a squirrel also wipes out your score but you get to play a Go Nuts! round.

End of the Game

Play continues until one player reaches 50 points. For a longer or shorter game, set different point goals before playing.

Turn Example

First Roll

First set aside the car die, then count two acorns, and roll the remaining four dice again.

Total = 2

Second Roll

Again set aside the car die and add one point to your previous score for rolling an acorn.

Total = 3

Third Roll

Set aside the car die and then roll again.

No points awarded in this round, but you can re-roll the squirrel dice.

Total = 3

Fourth Roll

Score two points this roll which makes your score five. Remember, on each roll you have the option to take your score and end your turn, or keep rolling.

Total = 5

Fifth Roll

Rolling all squirrels signifies a Go Nuts! round. Your previous acorn total (five) is wiped out. Pick up both dice and roll them as fast as you can, adding up acorns along the way until all of your opponents roll dogs.

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