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  • 400 BLEEP Statements on 200 Cards
  • BLEEP Button
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Guess how your friends will fill in the BLEEP blanks, OR come up with the funniest answer to score points!


You'll need some paper and pencils, so make sure everyone has some!

Someone also needs to keep score on a separate piece of paper (choose someone who can add well).

Decide how many rounds you will play (a round is when each player has been the reader once). We recommend two rounds for larger groups, and three or four for smaller groups, but you can do how many you want. Just remember that 20 rounds could take a while...

Set out the cards in the card box, along with the BLEEP Button.

Game Play

  • The player with the foulest mouth reads first. If there's any argument over who that may be, the owner of the game decides.

  • The reader draws a card and reads the statement aloud. Do not fill in the BLEEP blank-press the BLEEP button when you read "BLEEP" for dramatic effect. We gave you the button because it's more fun than just saying "BLEEP". You're welcome.

  • Now each player writes down something to fill in that BLEEP, even the reader. Don't let anyone else see yet!

  • Once everyone has written something down, hand over your paper to the reader. It's OK if people know who wrote what-we're all adults here, so no worries about playing favorites, right?

  • The reader has to read the answers aloud, filling in the BLEEP with each of them.


If anyone wrote down the same answer as the reader, that player gets TWO POINTS! But, if more than one person matched the reader's answer, NO ONE gets points. Ha! Tricky, huh?

If no one matched the reader's answer, the reader scores ONE POINT

And, as an added fun bonus, the reader gets to choose the funniest answer, and that person gets ONE POINT The funniest answer cannot be the one the reader gave.

Now, the person to the left of the reader is the new reader and you start all over again with a new Card.

End of the Game

The player with the most points after the agreed-upon number of rounds is the winner!

If there's a tie, then you have multiple winners. Celebrate together by pressing the BLEEP button until someone gets annoyed. Ha!

Tips for Giving Answers

You have a decision to make! Try to guess what the reader will write down, or try to be funniest? Hmmmmm.

Matching the reader might get you more points, but it could be more difficult than being funny, OR if someone else matches the reader, too, you're screwed. Go with your strengths and make the gamble with confidence!

All About the Bae

Maybe you've heard the word "bae" used, and maybe you haven't, but we're using it on the cards.

Generally, it stands for "Before Anyone Else" or is short for "baby", either way meaning your significant other.

So, if you wanna say "bae" when you read the cards, then cool. If you wanna use your own term instead-like girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, partner, boo, man, honey, etc.-then that's cool, too.

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