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Sometimes little monkeys are calm and mild mannered-but other times, they act like energetic, mischievous monkeys and they... Go Bananas!

Match the opposites-the wild monkeys (red cards) with the mild monkeys (blue cards) and you're in monkey business!


  • 40 monkey cards
  • 8 gotcha gator cards
  • 6 banana cards
  • 1 wild gotcha gator card
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

The first player to collect all the cards wins.


Shuffle the deck and deal out all the cards equally to each player. (Place any extra cards back in the box).

Stack your cards face down in a pile in front of you. (You will need both hands to slap in this game so no holding cards in your hand!)

Game Play

In unison with the other players, count "one, two, three", then draw the top card from your pile and turn it face up in front of you, in the middle of the playing area. (Make sure your cards are visible to everyone).

Now, without taking turns, try to be the first player to spot and slap two different piles containing one of the three following combinations:

Monkey Matching Opposites

When you spot a red (wild) monkey card and a blue (mild) monkey card showing the same number of monkeys on top of two different piles, say, "Go Bananas!" and slap the piles.

The winner collects both piles of cards and puts them unshuffled at the bottom of his face down draw pile.

For example:

When you see two opposite monkeys with the same number, be the first to slap the piles and say, "Go Bananas!"

Gotcha Gators

Gators love to catch monkeys! If a Gotcha Gator card appears at the same time as either a red, wild monkey card or a blue, mild monkey card of the same number, slap both piles, yell, "Gotcha Gator!" and collect all of the cards.

Special note: The Wild Gotcha Gator card takes any monkey card, regardless of color.

Banana Mush-match

A fresh banana and a rotten banana on top of different piles make a match.

When you spot a banana mush-match, slap the piles and yell, "Splat!"

Put the piles of cards aside (out of play), and collect one card from each player's draw pile.

Don't Slip

If you become overexcited and slap a pile by mistake or forget to say "Go Bananas" or "Gotcha Gator" or "Splat" when you slap, you lose a card.

Take the top card from your face down pile and place it face up under one of the piles in the middle of the playing area.

End of the Game

If you lose all your cards, you're out of the game. Leave your face up pile in play as other players may still slap it if the top card matches another card. Whoever ends up with all the cards wins.

Some games last longer than others, so you might want to play with a time limit. At the end of the designated time, everyone counts their cards. The player with the most cards wins.


  • In a two-player game, split your cards into two face down piles before playing and turn over both top cards every round.

  • If there are no matches in a round, all players start another round in unison by drawing their top face down card and adding it to their face up piles.

  • If two players slap the piles at the same time, each player gets one of the two slapped piles.

  • It's possible that there will be more than one pair of matches per round. However, only the first match slapped wins.

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