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  • 4 bedroom boards
  • 4 bed puzzle pieces
  • 4 lamp puzzle pieces
  • 4 picture puzzle pieces
  • 4 teddy bear puzzle pieces
  • 8 monsters
  • 1 cloth monster bag

Object of the Game

The game ends when all the players have completed their bedroom game boards and all the monsters have been thrown into the "monster pit".


Give each player one bedroom game board. Place the extra boards off to one side. Or, in a two-player game, give each player a second board, if you like. For each board that you don't use, set aside one bed, one lamp, one picture, and one teddy bear (it doesn't matter which ones).

Look over all the monsters and the puzzle pieces. Pick them up and see how they feel. You'll find that some monsters are about the same size and shape as the bedroom puzzle pieces.

Then put all the monsters and puzzle pieces in the monster bag and mix them up.

Game Play

The oldest player begins (setting the example for the younger kids). Reach into the monster bag and feel around for an item to place in the blank spaces on your bedroom board.

With your hand in the bag, try to distinguish between the different pieces, and decide which one feels as if it's the size and shape of a piece you need.

If you pull out a puzzle piece you need for your board, place it on the correct spot on your bedroom board. (Keep in mind that the puzzle pieces are interchangeable. Some pieces may look better on some boards than on others, but there's no right or wrong way to decorate the room).

If you pull out a puzzle piece you already have, give it to another player who needs it.

If you pull out a monster, toss it into the center of the circle (we call it the monster pit, some kids like to call it jail) and say, "go away monster!"... or sit on it, or hide it in the box, or throw it out the door. You decide how to get rid of those silly monsters. After all, you're in charge!

One by one, moving around the circle to the left, take turns removing an item from the bag. Once you pull out an item - whether you keep it, share it, or toss it - your turn is over. Pass the bag to the player on your left.

End of the Game

Continue playing until all the puzzle pieces and monsters have been pulled out of the bag and are either placed on the bedroom boards or tossed into the monster pit.

When the game is over, get rid of the monsters for good by taking them out of the monster pit, putting them back in the monster bag, and storing the bag in your Go Away Monster! box until the next time you play.

Competitive Game Play

In the competitive game play, the object is to be the first to fill your bedroom board. The set-up and game play are the same as in the cooperative version, with a couple of exceptions.

First, you want to avoid pulling a monster out of the bag so you can hurry to get all the puzzle pieces you need for your board.

If you pull out a monster, it will just slow you down, so you need to get really good at discriminating between the shapes and sizes of the different pieces.

Second, if you pull out a puzzle piece you already have, put it back in the bag and pass the monster bag to the next player.

Once you pull out an item - whether you keep it, put it back, or toss it - your turn is over. Pass the bag to the player on your left.

The first player to complete her board wins the game.

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