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Introduced in the early 1970's, Gnip Gnop was a smash hit game for kids of all ages. Now it's back and better than ever. This game takes traditional ping pong and turns it inside out. Are you ready to Gnip Gnop?


  • 4 pink balls
  • 4 orange balls
  • 2 base feet
  • 1 ball slot
  • 2 clear covers
  • 2 bases
  • instructions


  • Assembly Step 1

    ( 2 game bases needed for this step ) Snap the 2 game bases together by lining up the male and female ends as shown below.

    Make sure the two ends fit together tightly.

  • Assembly Step 2

    ( 2 base feet needed for this step )

    Snap the foot into the base of the game.

    Repeat the process for the opposite side of the game base.

  • Assembly Step 3

    ( 1 court divider needed for this step )

    Slide court divider into the open slot in the middle of the game base.

  • Assembly Step 4

    ( 2 covers & 2 hinge pins needed for this step )

    Place the clear cover onto the game, lining up the hinge on the cover and the hinge on the court divider.

    Insert the two pins into the hinge. Slide one pin into each end of the hinge. Press firmly so they fully snap into the hinge.

Rubber Bands

( 2 rubber bands needed for replacement )

Stretch the band over the posts making sure it stays under the button extensions.

Over time the rubber bands in your game will wear down.

To keep the balls flying at top speeds periodically change the rubber bands by taking off the old bands and sliding on new ones.

Game Play

Begin with three balls of the same color in each player's court.

One player yells go. Then, smash the buttons as fast as possible to send the balls flying through the divider into your opponent's court.

The first player to get all six balls into the opponent's court wins the round.

End of the Game

The first to win three rounds in a row wins the game.


Play by rounds and the first to win 10 rounds total wins the game. Take turns calling out the start of each round before you play.

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