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  • 1 Double-sided game board
  • 96 Light Chips 4 Cloth bags
  • 4 Start Markers
  • 4 Scoring Markers
  • Rules Booklet

Object of the Game

Playing Glüx,, the players place their light chips on the game board, taking their turns in clockwise direction.

The board shows paths and rooms.

The players aim is to place their light chips inside the rooms on the gameboard. At the end of the game, all rooms will be evaluated, and victory points are awarded to the players owning the highest total of pips in each room.


  1. Unfold the game board in the center of the playing area, with the correct side up, according to the number of players.

  2. Each player chooses a player color, and takes all 24 light chips, the start marker, and the scoring marker of that color, as well as one cloth bag. Put all scoring markers next to space "1" of the scoring track.

    • In a game with 4 players, each player places their start marker on one of the four different corner squares. (It is best to choose that corner square next to your position on the table).

    • In a game with 3 players, each player chooses one of the squares marked in the illustration.

    • In a game with 2 players, each player starts on diagonally opposite squares.

  3. Each player puts their light chips in the bag, and mixes them thoroughly.

    Next, each player randomly draws one chip from their bag, chooses one of the sides, and places it on their start marker.

    Finally, each player draws another chip from their bag, and keeps it in their hand, hidden from view of the other players.

  4. Randomly determine a start player.

Game Play

Beginning with the start player, the players take their turns in clockwise direction. A player's turn consists of two phases:

  • 1st Phase: Placing The Light Chip
  • 2nd Phase: Drawing A New Light Chip

Then it is the next player's turn.

The game ends as soon as no player can draw another chip from their bag, or no player is able to place a chip in accordance to the rules. At this point the final scoring takes place.

Phase 1: Placing the Light Chip

The square where a player can place their light chip depends on their existing chips on the board:


Starting from one of their own chips on the board (the starting chip), the player counts as many squares in a straight line as the number of pips on that chip.

The last square reached this way (destination square) is where they place their new chip. He can choose which side of the chip he wants to place face up on the board.

Once the player has placed his chip his turn continues with the 2nd Phase: Drawing a new light chip

Rules for placing light chips:

  1. When placing a new chip, the player may start counting from any of their own chips they had placed on the board before.

  2. The player must count the squares in a straight horizontal or vertical line, never diagonally.

  3. If the player's own chip or another player's chip is on a square between the starting chip and the destination square, the player cannot place that chip. The way is blocked.

  4. If the destination square is occupied by a single chip belonging to any player (including the player themself), the player may place their new chip on top of that chip. Only the chip on top is taken into account for the remainder of the game.

  5. If the destination space is occupied by two chips lying on top of each other, the player cannot place their new chip there.

  6. The player may never place a chip on another player's start marker.

  7. Once only during the game a player may place one of their chips on top of the chip on their start marker without having to count squares using a starting chip.

Important: In case a player is not able to place their chip according to these rules, they must place the chip on top of the chip on their start marker, if that option is still available.

If, in this case, the player had used that option before, they are excluded from the game until the final scoring.

Phase 2: Drawing a new Light Chip

After placing their chip, the player draws a new chip from their bag, keeping it hidden in their hand so the other players cannot see it.

Then, the next player takes their turn.

Note: While the other players perform their turn, the non-active players should plan where they want to place their next chip.

End of the Game

The game ends as soon as no player can draw another light chip from their bag, or no player is able to place a chip in accordance to the rules.

Now, the final scoring is done:

Each room is evaluated separately. On each room, the players count the total of their pips in that room. Depending on the number of players and their position, the players mark their victory points (VPs) on the scoring track:

Scoring positionsVictory points
1st position4
2nd position2

If several players are tied for the first position, those players all get 4 points, but no points are awarded for second place.

If several players are tied for the second position, those players get all 2 points.

Important: In a game with two players, victory points are awarded for the first position only.

After all rooms have been evaluated, the player with the most victory points is the winner of the game!

In case of a tie for the most victory points, the tied player who has the most pips shown in the middle room (9 squares) wins the game.

If the tie persists, the tied players share the victory.


Left room:

  • Timo (yellow): 10 pips First position 4 VPs
  • Max (green): 9 pips Second position 2 VPs.
  • Pia (red): 4 pips Third position 0 VPs.

Right room:

  • Sarah (purple): 12 pips First position 4 VPs
  • Max (green): 5 pips Second position 2 VPs.
  • Timo (yellow): 4 pips Third position 0 VPs.

Left room - First position tie:

  • Pia (red): 10 pips First position 4 VPs.
  • Sarah (purple): 10 pips First position 4 VPs
  • Timo (yellow): 6 pips Second position 0 VPs.

Right room - Second position tie:

  • Max (green): 9 pips First position 4 VPs
  • Sarah (purple): 4 pips Second position 2 VPs.
  • Timo (yellow): 4 pips Second position 2 VPs.

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