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Game Variant - Achievements

To add more variability to the game, players can add achievements to the game play. There are three separate achievement decks: immediate a, mid-game b, and end-game c.

As part of setup, before races are selected, shuffle each deck separately and deal out one card from each deck face up above the main board. These are the only three achievement cards that will be used this game.

Each card has a condition and a point value, which will be scored by each of the players who fulfill the condition at a specific time.

  • The "immediate" achievement is scored at the end of a player's turn (including follow actions) in which any of the players fulfills the condition.

  • The "mid-game" achievement is scored at the end of a player's turn (including follow actions) in which the second completion token is placed on a prestige building.

  • The "end-game" achievement is scored at the end of the game.

Game Variant - No Workers

If players desire to play a simpler version of the game, they can play without workers, such that the only basic actions available are to gain 1, gain 1 fleeting influence, or build one road.

During setup, flip the player mats over to the side without the special racial actions ("b" side) d and don't collect any worker pawns.

Houses can still be built, but the only benefit they provide is 1 fleeting influence as income. To compensate, houses only cost 2 to build. When a prestige building is selected through the Call to Vote, there is no need to place the card next to the board. Simply remove it from the game instead. This variant should not be combined with solo play.

Game Variant - Shaping History

The nine event cards for the board game Gloomhaven are meant to tie the events in Founders of Gloomhaven closer to the events of Gloomhaven.

After playing a few games, when you feel everyone at the table has a good grasp of the rules and strategy, you can play a single, permanent game that will shape the future of Gloomhaven.

Play the game as normal on the thematic side of the board, and, once a winner has been determined, give the winner the event card corresponding to the race they won with. On that card, they must fill out three pieces of information:

  1. The name of their favorite building that contributed to their victory.

  2. The name of the city section this building was built in (see the map to the left for reference).

  3. The name of the governing body within the city that will be founded in the wake of their victory. Be creative on this one.

Once these pieces of information are written onto the corresponding blank spaces of the card, take the card and shuffle it into the city event deck for Gloomhaven. The other eight event cards will never be used.

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