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Quick setup guide:

a Place the board with the desired side face up (thematic or symmetric).

b Deal three prestige building cards to the adviser and proposal board.

c Deal four adviser cards to the adviser and proposal board.

d Place influence gems, money tokens, road tiles, completion markers, and building tiles to the side of the map board.

e Randomly determine start player and give them the active player token.

Each player does the following:

f Take five action cards (six for 2 players), *7 in money tokens, and three vote tiles.

g In player order, choose a race and place player mat with "a" side face up.

h Take claim and delivery tokens of their color.

i Place one claim token on the "0" spot of the score track.

j Place one delivery token on the "1" spot of their income track.

k Place three house tiles and three worker pawns on their player mat.

l Place three bridge/gate tiles on their player mat.

m Take the resource reference card for their race's resource.

n In reverse order, choose one additional resource card following resource restrictions. (Repeat in player order for 2 players).

o Take three trade stall tiles of each owned resource.

p In reverse order, place one of their race's trade stall tiles on a starting grey space with a number equal to or lower than the player count.

q Place a delivery token on the "own" spot of the race's resource on the tracking board

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