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The standard game in itself is a complex and difficult game to master; it offers so many possibilities that not everyone will want even more possibilities.

Therefore we advise players to look at this variant as an option, as an extra challenge; by no means is it meant as an obligatory GIPF-exercise.

The Tournament rules only change the beginning of the game:

  1. The game starts with an empty board (i.e. there is no starting position now). The players each start with 18 basic pieces in their reserve.

  2. Both players are obliged to use their first turn to bring a GIPF-piece into play. This must be done as a standard move: put the GIPF-piece on any of the dots and next move it onto a spot in the play area.

  3. The game is played without a fixed number of GIPF-pieces per player. The players are completely free to also use their second, third, fourth etc. turn to bring more GIPF-pieces into play.

  4. Once a player has decided that he has enough GIPF-pieces in the play area, he may start playing with single pieces. But, as soon as he has brought his first single piece into play, he can bring no more GIPF-pieces into play during the rest of the game.

    The opponent may still bring GIPF-pieces in play, until he also has played his first single basic piece. (During this start-up phase, the players take turns without interruption, as usual).

The further game is played according to exactly the same rules as the standard game, and to win a player pursues the same goals.

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