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The solitaire game is played against a virtual player, whom we shall name "Hal" for the following explanation.


Set up the game as you usually would for a two-player game, with the following exceptions: You start the game with 6 resources, 6 tiles, and 6 success points, but you receive neither Character cards nor New Hand tokens.

Hal has access to all the resources (the general supply is his personal supply). Hal starts the game with neither success points nor tiles.

In a game against Hal, you are always the first player.

Game Round

Draw 3 cards, and then give one card to Hal, face-down.

Choose your action (card + possible tile), and apply its effects according to the normal rules.

Reveal Hal's card, and draw a random tile, since Hal constructs every turn. When Hal urbanizes (he has played an Urbanization card), he receives 1 success point for each item produced by the adjacent buildings (he does not receive the tiles and resources).

When Hal constructs a floor, he keeps the card he played; however, Hal does not receive a card bonus when he plays (the effect of the cards with the the black arrow is ignored).


If Hal constructs a floor on one of your buildings, you retrieve your resources, and get 1 success point per resource, as in the normal rules.

If you construct a floor on one of Hal's buildings, he receives 1 success point for each resource he retrieves.

You cannot change your cards.

When Hal urbanizes, you move the Urbanization token for him, as if it were your turn.

End of the Game

The game ends at the end of the turn during which the supply of tiles is exhausted, or if you have placed all your resources on buildings in the city, or when Hal has exhausted his resources. If Hal does not have enough resources for construction, this final action is not completed, and the game ends.

Hal counts the points he has received over the course of the game, all the cards with a "=" icon , and his districts, just like a normal player.

Expert Level

In order to increase the difficulty (Expert Level): If Hal's card is an Urbanization card, draw a new card from the deck. Hal will use this new card's action if it is either a Building card (Hal constructs a floor), or an Urbanization card that would give Hal more points than the original card.

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