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Geistesblitz 2.0 is a completely independent game, playable without Geistesblitz. Geistesblitz 2.0, however, can be combined with Geistesblitz. This makes for expanded playing fun, not only for connoisseurs.


  • 60 cards

  • 5 items


Place the 5 items in a circle in the middle of the table. Shuffle the cards well and form a face-down card pile.

Basic Rules: Grab The Item

The player who was the last to take a bath turns over the top card in such a way that all players can see it at the same time.

Now, using one hand, you try - as fast as lightning - to grab the desired item that is depicted on the card in the original color, e.g., the blue brush or the red towel.

And if there is no item depicted in its original color? In this case, you grab the item that is not depicted and whose color is not shown on the card.

Example: This card shows a gray GHOSTESS and a red BRUSH. But there is no gray ghostess and no red brush. Therefore, you have to grab the (green) frog, because neither the FROG nor the color GREEN can be seen on the card.

If you grab the right item, you lay down the turned-over card in front of you as a reward. Grabbed items are put back in the middle of the table. Then one of the players turns over the next card (visible to all at the same time), etc.

Additional rules for advanced players:

  1. The talking frog!

    If the (turned-over) card shows a frog, players do not grab the desired item but shout out its name.

  2. The frog speaks two languages!
    • If the frog or the other item on the card is depicted in its original color, you shout out the desired item in a foreign language.

    • If neither of the two figures is shown in its original color, you go on shouting out the name of the desired item in English.

    Before you start playing, you agree on the foreign language in which you will shout out. Below you find a list of the items in French, German and Italian. Of course, you can choose any foreign language you want.

  3. What has been dried off by the towel?

    If the card shows a towel, the following applies: Whenever a towel is depicted on the turned-over card, you look for the item in the color of the towel.

    If a frog is involved, you shout out; otherwise, you grab the item.

Examples for playing with all additional rules:

Example: Whoever is the first to shout out "brush" gets the card (towel + frog).

Example: Whoever is the first to shout out "Handtuch" gets the card (towel in original color + frog).


Each player has only one attempt. If a player ...

  • shouts out, although he should have grabbed, ... or
  • grabs, though he should have shouted out, ... or
  • grabs an incorrect item or shouts out incorrectly, ... or
  • grabs an item and shouts out an item ...

... he gives up one of his cards (provided he has one).

The player who has grabbed or shouted out the right item gets this card (or these cards) in addition.

If all players are wrong, nobody gets cards. The cards given up, along with the turned-over card, form a "jackpot" on the table. The next card is revealed. Whoever is the first to grab or shout out the right item now gets the turned-over card plus the cards from the jackpot.

End of the Game

The game ends when the card pile has been used up. The player with the most cards wins.

Play 2.0 together with the Original game


The items from the Geistesblitz game form the "castle cellar". The items from the Geistesblitz 2.0 game form the "bathroom". Separate the two sets of 5 items and put each into two different circles next to each other in the middle of the table.

For a game of normal duration, take approximately half of the card piles from Geistesblitz and Geistesblitz 2.0 and mix them together well. Then form a face-down card pile.

Game Play

Reveal one card and place it in the middle between the two circles of items. Basically, all rules of the two games apply.

When a card with items of the "castle cellar" comes up, that's where you look for an item. When a card with items in the bathroom appears, you play in the "bathroom".

The card shows ...

  • item in original color
  • no item in matching color
  • book and frog
  • frog and matching color
  • towel

look for and...

  • grab this item
  • grab the item that is not depicted and whose color is not depicted
  • shout out the item
  • shout out the item name in a foreign language
  • grab the item in the color of the towel

There is a new rule in the combined game:

Jumping into the other room

If the card shows an item in its original color, you do not look for this item but for the same color item in the other room.

Example: If German has been chosen as the foreign language, the first player to shout "Buch" gets the card. (Frog, original color brush: foreign language and jump into the other room = shout "Buch")

If the mouse is shouted out in German, you have to shout out "Ratte" (instead of "Maus") so that the difference between the words in the two languages is clear.

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