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  • 6 Swimmers, each in a different color.
  • 42 Cards, numbered 1 to 7 in each color
  • 1 Shark card
  • Rulebook


Give each player a swimmer and a hand of seven cards that match the swimmer's color. In a five player game, remove the number 7 card from each player's hand. In a four player game, remove the number 7 and the number 6 cards from each player's hand.

Now place the swimmers in a line, one behind the other, in the center of the table (their order in line is not important).

Place the Shark card at the end of the line, at the feet of the last swimmer, and begin the game.

Game Play

Get Bit is played in rounds, which are divided into a three simple steps: play cards, move swimmers, and get bit!

Play Card

Play card to begin a round, each player selects a card from his hand and places it face down on the table.

When each player's card is down, flip all of the selections face up and examine the results.

Move Swimmers

If a player reveals a tie (his card shows the same number as another player or players), his swimmer can not move this round. Players who do not reveal ties take turns moving their swimmers to the front of the line.

The player with the lowest card number moves his swimmer first, followed by the player with the second lowest card number, and so on.

Example: John, Anne, Beth, and Ted have swimmers in the following order at the beginning of the round:

John chooses to play his number 4, Anne chooses her number 1, Beth chooses her number 4, and Ted chooses his number 3.

Since Anne's card has the lowest number and does not tie any of the other player's cards, her swimmer moves to the front of the line first. Ted's swimmer moves to the front next, because his card number does not tie either, and is a higher number than Anne's.

Finally, John and Beth's cards tie so their swimmers can not move this round.

Important: Skip the Get Bit step during the first round.

Get Bit

Remove a limb from the swimmer at the end of the line. If that swimmer has no remaining limbs, remove it from the table. Otherwise, move the swimmer to the front of the line. That player picks up his cards and returns them to his hand.

If a player has fewer than two cards in his hand, he must also pick up his cards and return them to his hand. All other players leave their cards on the table.

End of the Game

Repeat the three steps until only two swimmers remain on the table. When this happens, the swimmer at the front of the line wins the game!

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