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Gerald McBoing Boing is going on an adventure with his friends Janine, Jacob and Burp and you get to come along! Get up and act out animals and things using sounds all along the way. Get to the end of the path and it's time to "Boing Boing!"


  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Movers
  • 4 Mover Stands
  • 56 Act Up! Cards
  • 1 Spinner Board and Arrow
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first to get to the end of the path and yell, "Boing Boing!"


  • Place the Game Board in the middle of the playing area.
  • Assemble the spinner.
  • Place the Act Up! Cards face down on the space marked for them on the Game Board.
  • Players choose a character mover, insert it into a mover stand, and place it on Start.
Note to Parents:

The rules explain the core of the game-the very "bare bones" first. For a little twist, fun rules are added at the end of this sheet.

You can introduce these twists as your child gets older, learns more or becomes ready for variation.

Game Play

The youngest player goes first. Begin by spinning the spinner.

Advance to the first space of the color indicated on the spinner.

If you spin the "Springing Arrow" you become the "Line Leader" and jump to the space in front of the mover that is the farthest ahead! Boing Boing!

  • Did you land on a space already taken by another player?

    Go to next available space of that same color. (No sharing spaces).

  • Did you land on an Act Up! space?

    Flip over a card. Stand up and act out the picture using sound effects. Have some fun just as Gerald would!

    Discard the card by putting it to the side of the Game Board when finished. It's the next player's turn.

  • Did you land on an All Act Up! space?

    Flip over a card. Now, all players get to act up! Stand up and actually move around the game board. Everyone gets to act out the image on the card using sound effects. Everyone does it together! Discard the card when finished. It's the next player's turn.

  • Did you land on a Boing space?

    When a player lands on a Boing Space, all players get to jump up and yell, "Boing! Boing!"

    Continue taking turns going clockwise until someone reaches the Finish space, marked on the path.

End of the Game

The first to get to the Finish space wins! Don't forget to "Boing! Boing!"

Little Twists for Added Fun

Little twist when advancing along the path:

You must make sound effects whenever advancing your mover.

If you forget and another player catches you, the player who caught you gets to advance one bonus space.

You must be caught immediately after you land on your final space. You are safe if the next player spins before you are found out. Phew!

Little twist on the act up! spaces:

Try Charades...The player who picks the card (actor) must secretly look at the card, then act it out using sound effects. All other players guess. Whoever guesses correctly gets to advance one bonus space.

The actor advances two bonus spaces, one for using an action and one for using sound.

If no one guesses in a reasonable amount of time, you still get credit for trying! The actor gets to advance one bonus space while everyone else stays put.

When a player guesses correctly-you can DING-DING like Gerald does to signal that he or she Is correct! Throw in an extra AUDIENCE APPLAUSE by clapping if you like!

When a player guesses the wrong answer-you can do a BUZZ like Gerald does to signal he or she is wrong.

Little twist on the boing spaces:

It's a race! The first player who jumps up and yells, "Boing Boing!" gets to advance one bonus space.

Note on Bonus Moves

If you get to advance a bonus space and you find yourself on a special space, just stay put. Once you advance, your turn is over. Wait for your next turn to spin again and continue play.

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