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  • 56 Gas Out Cards


Put me in the middle of the table where everyone can see and hear me!

To get the full sound benefit of my intestinal discomfort, a table is best.

Shuffle the cards and deal 3 to each player. Always draw back up to 3 at the end of your turn.

Place the rest of the cards face down for a draw pile. You'll form a discard pile as you play right next to the draw pile.

The youngest player goes first and play goes clockwise.

Game Play

On your turn, place any card from your hand down on the discard pile. What you do next is determined by which card you've played:

If you play a NUMBER CARD, press me as many times as the number shown.

This is important: If I fart, you are out!

If you play a SKIP card, the next player is skipped.

If you play a REVERSE card, play changes to move in the opposite direction.

Note: in a 2-player game, if you play a Reverse card, it means you go again right away!

Once I've farted, keep playing with the remaining players. Again, place cards down and push me, skip a player or reverse directions!

Remember, if you make me fart, you're out!

You'll hear the pressure build as you push me but there is no doubt when I've farted! BOY howdy!

End of the Game

The Last player wins.

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