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Area: A region of Westeros as depicted on the game board and divided by white or red borders. An area is either a sea area (red borders) or a land area (white borders).

Army/Armies: An army is defined as two or more friendly units sharing the same sea or land area. A single unit occupying an area is not considered an army (and is therefore unaffected by changes in supply).

Available Power: Power tokens in a player's play area, available to be bid or otherwise spent during gameplay. Power tokens in the Power Pool are not considered available power. For example, during game setup, each House receives five Power tokens from the Power Pool. In this way, each House has five available power at the beginning of the game.

Collect/Receive/Discard Power: When instructed to receive or collect power, a player takes the indicated number of Power tokens bearing his House insignia from the communal Power Pool. When instructed to "discard" power, the player takes the Power tokens from his available power and returns them to the Power Pool. A player may only collect, receive, or discard Power tokens bearing the insignia of his own House.

Destroy: A unit that is destroyed during the game is removed from the game board and returned to a player's available units in his play area.

Embattled Area: The area in which a combat currently is taking place.

Enemy/Opponent: Describes any game component or area controlled by another player, or describes the rival player himself.

Friend/Friendly: Game components or game board areas belonging to the same player.

Home Area: A land area containing the printed shield of its House. For example, Winterfell is the home area of House Stark.

House/Player: Interchangeably used in these rules when referring to a player and/or the House he controls.

Turn Order: Any game mechanic that operates in turn order is resolved in the order of House position on the Iron Throne Influence track. The first House (in the "1" position) always acts first, followed by the second House (in the "2" position), etc.

Unit: A plastic Ship, Footman, Knight, or Siege Engine. Other component types (including Garrisons, Neutral Forces, or Influence tokens) are not units.

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