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  • 1 gameboard
  • 4 character tokens
  • 130 Money Maker cards
  • notepad
  • bank cheques
  • sand-timer
  • 4 sharpened pencil
  • instructions

Object of the Game

The aim of the game is to become the highest paid superstar! The player with the most money at the end of the game is the winner.

Get Into Teams

You' II need 2, 3 or 4 teams. Each team can have 2, 3 or 4 players.

So if there were 7 players, you could either have:

Which option is best? If it s your first time playing, go for Option 1. If you're competitive, Option 2 (less players per team) will be better.


  • Each team chooses one pawn from the box to represent them and places it on the START space on the board.

  • Take the sandtimer, notepad, pencils and CREDITS out the box so they are ready to use when you need them.

  • You may also need a glass of water for each team (players gargle at their own risk).

  • Place one pile of MONEY MAKER cards on top of the other to create one pile, then place them face down on the board.

  • Please don't shuffle the cards.

What happens if I shuffle the cards?

The cards are in a specific order to ensure great gameplay whether you're playing in 2, 3 or 4 teams.

But if they get mixed up it's no big deal - you'll still have fun. If you want to put them back in the original order, they are numbered in the bottom right hand corner of each card.

Card J should be the first card you pick up (placed face down on the top of the pile) and card 130 should be at the bottom of the pile.

Game Play

Gameplay is simple. Each team takes it in turns to pick up a MONEY MAKER and follow the instructions printed on the card so...

  • As reader of these instructions, your team will go first.'

  • A player from your team picks up the top MONEY MAKER card and reads the challenge on the card out loud (unless stated otherwise).

  • MONEY MAKER cards are self-explanatory - simply follow the instructions on the card to complete the challenge.

  • MONEY MAKER cards have various outcomes but their main purpose is to either:

    • Move your team around the board.

    • Or earn CREDITS for individual players.

You don't need any more info about the MONEY MAKERS before you start playing - everything you need is on the cards themselves.

Go to WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? at the back of this instructions pamphlet if you're happy to jump straight in.

If you would like more information on the different types of MONEY MAKER cards before you get going, then keep reading.

Money Makers Explained

Some money maker cards move your team round the board

  • The reader of the card performs a challenge in which they attempt to communicate to their team in bizarre and unusual ways.

  • For example, they may be asked to say a line in 5 different accents.

  • The other members of the team guess the accents being attempted.

  • The number of accents guessed correctly within 60 seconds (timed on the sand timer) equals the number of spaces the team moves forward on the board.

  • So if the team guesses 3 accents correctly, the team's pawn moves forward 3 spaces on the board.

Some money maker cards earn individual players credits

  • Individual players earn CREDITS worth various amounts of money in several ways.

  • For example all players in a team might have to prepare a poem in 60 seconds.

  • Another team will be nominated to be a panel of judges.

    Once all poems are performed, the judges will secretly decide on a winner, and write a CREDIT to that player for the amount specified.

  • The CREDIT 'is then placed face down on the BANK space (center of the board) and revealed at the very end of the game.

Some money maker cards add an element of Jeopardy

These cards may instruct your team to move forward or back on the board, swap a player with another team or perform a secret task as an individual without being caught by another player.

They're super-simple - just follow the instructions on the card.

What Happens Next

Once the first team has completed their MONEY MAKER card challenge, they place that card at the bottom of the pile.

Play then passes clockwise to the next team.

A player from that team now picks up the next MONEY MAKER card and follows the instructions on the card.

Once all teams have taken one turn, play goes back to the first team.

Make sure you take it in turns within your team to be the reader of the MONEY MAKER cards.

Why take it in turns to be the reader? Lots of the MONEY MAKER card challenges involve all team members, but the reader is often the most active player.

Taking it in turns to be the reader means that everyone gets a varied game.

End of the Game

Once any one team reaches the $30 Million Red Carpet, play stops. The space your team has ended on tells you how much each member of that team has earned.

If your team's pawn finishes on the $23 Million space, all players in that team have earned $23 Million each. It's a good idea for each player to write this figure down.

Now nominate one player to read out all of the CREDITS that have been placed on the BANK space during the game.

Each CREDIT has a player's name and an amount written on it. Players should add each amount they are awarded to their total.

If a player's team ended on the $20 Million space and the player was awarded 2 CREDITS as an individual, one worth $3 Million and o nother worth $5 Million, that player would have a total of $28 Million.

The player with the highest total earnings is the winner!

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