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The cute little bunnies are racing to get to the juicy carrot at the top of the hill. But watch out!

The ground beneath the bunnies can vanish causing the bunny to fall in and disappear. The draw bridge and gate may fling the bunnies off the hill or a mischievous mole may pop out and push the bunnies back down the hill.

Which bunny will be the first to get to the top of the hill and reach the carrot?


  • 1 Green hill with a rotating carrot
  • 16 Bunnies in 4 colors
  • 48 Cards


The green hill is placed in the middle of the table.

Each player takes 4 bunnies of the same color and places them in front of the large stairway leading up to the first space.

If only 2 or 3 people are playing, put the remaining bunnies back in the box.

One of the players shuffles the cards and places them picture side down, beside the hill.

Object of the Game

Be the first player to get one bunny to the top of the carrot.

Game Play

The youngest player starts and draws a card from the stack of cards.

Then, take turns in a clockwise direction.

How cards are Drawn

If you draw a card with a bunny on it, move one of your bunnies as many spaces up the hill as shown on the card.

You always get to choose which one of your four bunnies you want to move.

You can always decide to bring a new bunny into play or move one of your bunnies that is already on the hill.

Only one bunny can occupy a space at a time. Occupied spaces are skipped when moving your bunny over them and are not counted.

Holes are counted. However, your bunny only falls into a hole if it lands directly on it at the end of your move.

When to turn the carrot

When you draw a card with a carrot on it, carefully turn the carrot in a clockwise direction until you hear "CLICK!". One of the spaces on the way to the carrot might open.

If there happens to be a bunny on this particular space, the poor bunny will fall in. The bunny then disappears into the bunny hole and is out of the game.

If all four of your bunnies fall into holes, you are out of this game and will have to wait for the next one.

When turning the carrot, one of the three obstacles is also triggered.


In addition to the holes, there are also three obstacles standing between your bunnies and their carrot; the mole, the draw bridge and the gate.

  1. The mole pops out of its hole from time to time. If a bunny is standing in front of a mole hole, the mole will push the bunny down the hill.

    If this happens, put the bunny back in front of the big stairway that leads up to the first space. You can then bring this bunny back into play later.

  2. The draw bridge is raised or lowered each time the carrot is turned.

    • On your turn, if the draw bridge is down, you can move your bunny across it and continue moving it as many spaces ahead as shown on the card.

    • On your turn, if the draw bridge is up, you cannot cross it with your bunny.

      You have to either move your bunny up to the last space before the draw bridge and any unused spaces from your turn are forfeited, or you have to move another one of your bunnies. The draw bridge does not count as a space!

  3. The gate opens at random. If a bunny is near the gate when it opens, it is pushed off to the side and down the hill to a different space.

    This bunny will then have to continue its journey from here.

    If this space is already occupied by another bunny, just place it on the next free space. The same also applies if this space is open and the bunny falls in.

Tip: Be careful when you are choosing which bunny to move. Some spaces are safe and nothing will happen to you if you land on them.

Some are not safe and will suddenly get triggered once the carrot is turned.

What To do when the stack of cards has been used Up

Cards that have already been drawn are placed to the side. Once the stack of cards has been used up, shuffle the cards and put them back into a pile next to the hill with the picture side facing up.

End of the Game

The first player to land one of their bunnies on the top of the carrot is the winner. You do not have to land with the exact number of spaces. Any unused spaces are simply forfeited.

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