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  • 72 Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • Funky Chicken Pouch
  • great for crossing the road!

Object of the Game

Be the first player to discard all of your cards!


Pick a card color and take those 12 cards. Shuffle your cards and keep them face down in a stack in your hand.

Game Play

Everyone starts playing at once. On the count of three, flip over your entire stack of cards so they are face up in your hand (like this image), and shout out the ACTION shown on your own top card.

Keep Shouting...

Let everyone know your card!

When any player shouts the same action as you, perform that action together (see ACTIONS section).

Once the action is complete, quickly discard your card into the center and move to your next card.

Repeat this process with anyone at the table until you have discarded all of your cards.


Shout out the action on your card. When a match is made, perform the action:

Both players meet halfway, bump their hips together, then return to their original spot.

Both players meet halfway, lock their elbows together, turn around once in the same direction, and then return to their original spot.

While staying in place, both players turn fully around once.

While staying in place, both players fold their arms to their sides, make flapping motions, and shout "SOOO FUNKY!"

End of the Game

Be the first player to discard your last card and shout "Winner, winner, chicken dinner!" You win!


What if more than two players shout out the same action?

Only two players can match up and complete an action.

So, if three players all have the same action, only the first two players to match up and complete the action can discard their cards.

The third player must find someone else to match up with.

What if I cannot find a match?

You may move your action card to the bottom of your deck at anytime. Continue playing with the next action card.


  • Be LOUD and keep calling your action.

  • Use the Quiet Play motions to help convey your actions

Game Variants

Quiet Play: Play as normal, but instead of shouting your actions to match, act them out!

  • Bump: Move your hips from side to side.
  • Swing: Bend one elbow and swing it back and forth in front of you.
  • Spin: Pointing downward, twirl your finger in the air.
  • FUNKY CHICKEN: Fold your arms to your sides and make flapping motions. When you match, you still say"SOOO FUNKY"!

Cooperative Play: Play as a team and race against the clock! Seta timer and everyone plays as fast as they can until the first player is out of cards. Stop the timer. How fast can your team finish?

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