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There are two different variants for playing the game with 2 players. Choose one, depending on your personal preferences:

A. Quicker setup, easier to learn and master, but more luck

During setup, perform this additional step:

  • Place a third screen between yourself and your teammate, so that neither of you can see behind it. Place a third set of 6 dice nearby.

During the game the following additional rules apply:

  • Roll 3 of the additional dice behind the third screen, so that neither of you can see the result. Roll the other 3 additional dice in front of the third screen, so both of you can see the result.

  • In phase 3 (rerolls), you cannot reroll any of the dice from the additional set.

  • In phase (movement and stamina), also remove the third screen and compare your result with both that of your teammate and with the third set of dice. The additional set thus simulates a third player, who however does not have his own meeple but simply gets in your way.

B. Slightly longer setup, harder to learn and master, less luck

During setup, perform these additional steps:

  • In addition to the meeples of the two players, you place an extra meeple on the starting card. This meeple also receives a character card, a skill card, a destination marker, and starting equipment.

    Choose a skill card that uses 6 dice. You also place a marker in the appropriate color on the stamina board.

  • The two remaining screens are placed back-to-back between the two players. Place three dice of the third meeple on each side of the screens.

    On each side, place the following dice: 1 die with a blue "1", 1 die with a blue "2", and 1 die with a blue "3". That way each player can only see 3 of the 6 dice in the third color.

During the game the following additional rules apply:

  • Both players not only roll their dice, but also the three additional dice of the third meeple placed on their side of the screens.

  • In the planning phase, both players decide together where they want to place the destination marker of the third meeple.

  • Both players decide together about the use of the third meeple's equipment cards.

  • The third meeple can lose stamina, get injury tokens, and has to arrive in the village safely as well.

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