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  • 42 Chicken cards
  • 6 Wolf cards

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to have the highest score by counting as many chicken cards as possible without turning over a wolf card.


Get a pencil and paper so that you can keep track of everyone's score as you play. Decide what target score you have to reach in order to win. A suggested scoring table is below but feel free to alter it based on how long you want to play.

PlayersTarget Score
6 or more20

Shuffle the deck of cards and place it face down within reach of all players. The youngest player goes first.

Note: Players are not allowed to peek at the bottom of the deck - it must stay face down at all times.

Game Play

On your turn, count chickens by turning over cards one at a time from the top of the face-down deck into a discard pile. Count out loud as you turn over cards.

For example: "One, two, three, four ..". (Each chicken card is worth one point). As long as you keep turning over chickens, you may stop at any time and collect the points you counted. If you choose to stop, say "Stop!" and write down the number or points counted during that turn.

Add it to your total scored during previous turns. Play passes to the left.

Beware Wolf

There are six hungry wolves hiding in the deck looking for tasty chickens. If you turn over a wolf card, your turn ends immediately and you lose all the points counted during your turn.

This doesn't affect the score you have already written down. Play passes to the left with the next player continuing to turn over cards from the top of the face-down pile.

When a player reveals the 6th and final wolf card, re-shuffle all of the cards and place the deck face down in the center again before the next player starts his turn.

Remember: You can stop counting and collect your points at any time as long as you don't turn over a wolf!

End of the Game

The first player to reach the target score wins.

Other Ways to Play

Here are some ideas for different versions of this game. Feel free to try them or make up your own!

Wing It!

Before playing, designate different point values for some of the chicken cards. For example, cards that show a chicken on wheels (tractor, motorcycle, skateboard) are worth 2 points.

Before they Hatch

Before you turn over a card, make a prediction of what chicken will be on the card. If you're right, double your score. If you're wrong, your turn is over.

Two in the Hand

If you turn over two of the same chicken cards in a row, you double the score that you're counting.

Wolf Blitz

If you turn over a wolf, you lose all the points you collected on your last turn

A Dozen Eggs

If you turn over at least 1 2 cards on one turn without turning over a wolf, you get 5 bonus points.

In all our rules, we use either "he" or "she" to include everyone!

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