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  • 1 Market Board
  • 5 Food Court Dashboards
  • 100 Food Stall Cards
  • 10 Culture Cards
  • 20 Flyer Tokens
  • 1 10-sided Die
  • 5 Special Chef Cards
  • 20 Popularity Tokens
  • 10 3-Coin Tokens
  • 1 First Player Token
  • 40 1-Coin Tokens
  • 15 Player Markers
  • Instructions


  1. Place the Market Board in the center of the table. The board has two sides, so use the side matching how many players you have. (Either 2/3 players or 4/5 players).

  2. Each player takes: 1 Food Court Dashboard and the 3 Player Markers of the same color. Place 1 Player Marker on the initial space of the Popularity Track on the Market board.

  3. Place 1 on spaces with no pre-assigned coin value in your Court Dashboard. Then, take 3 Coins for your reserve.

  4. The player who most recently ate at an international restaurant will be given the First Player Token, and this token will remain with them for the rest of the game. Clockwise, all the players will take the following number of Flyer Tokens:

    • 1st: 1 Flyer
    • 2nd: 2 Flyers
    • 3rd: 2 Flyers
    • 4th: 3 Flyers
    • 5th: 3 Flyers
  5. Shuffle the 10 Culture Cards and draw 5. Then, take the 10 Food Stall Cards for each of those 5 Cultures, shuffle them together and place them on the Market Board creating a Food Stall Deck of 50 cards. Finally, draw the first 5 cards from the Food Stall Deck and place them in the 5 corresponding slots on the Market board.

  6. Choose 2 of the 5 Special Chef Cards (either randomly or by choice), and place them next to the Chef for Hire on the Market board.

  7. Place the Die and all remaining tokens next to the Market board, within reach of all players.

Object of the Game

In Foodies, you're the manager of a Food Court competing with rival managers to hire the best Stalls, serve various world cuisines, and attract the most customers. The manager with the most Popularity Points at the end of the game wins.

Food Court Dashboard

Your dashboard consists of 9 Stall Spaces, numbered to match the result of the die. Some spaces have basic effects that will be triggered until a Stall is built there. On the empty spaces, one will be placed at the start of the game, and collected when that space is first activated.

Food Stall Card

Game Play

Foodies is played in turns, with play moving clockwise. Each turn consists of the following phases:

  1. Foodie visit
  2. Acquire new stall
  3. Hire chefs

1. Foodie Visit

On your turn roll the die and determine which Stall Space will be visited by a Foodie. If you roll a 0, you may change the die to any other face.

When the die is rolled, ALL players collect all rewards from the corresponding Stall Space in their dashboards. The possible rewards are:

A. Food Stall Effects

For any take that many Coins from the reserve. For any , advance your Player Marker that many spaces on the Popularity Track.

Each Culture also has a unique effect that may be activated.

B. Tokens

Collect any on the Stall Space, and discard any to advance your Player Marker that many spaces along the Popularity Track.

If your Stall Space is empty, the visiting Foodie will leave without giving you a reward!

C. Matching Stars

Every Food Stall Card has half-stars on its borders. A complete star is formed by placing 2 halves next to each other. When Collecting rewards from a Food Stall Card, players gain 1 Popularity for EACH of its complete stars.

In the example above, activating either card would give you 1 Popularity, since their adjacency is forming a complete star.

Example: On his turn, Barry rolls a 5. He checks his Food Court Dashboard and sees that his "5" space doesn't have a Food Stall yet, but it has $2 printed on it. He takes $2 from the reserve.

However, since everyone checks their dashboards whenever the active player rolls the die, Regina, Stephen, and Kiki also check their dashboards and collect their rewards accordingly.

Flyer Token

During the Foodie Visit, before you collect the reward, you may instead discard a Flyer Token to collect from an adjacent Stall.

This only affects your rewards - the other players collect theirs as normal (unless they also use a Flyer Token!).

Example: When Barry rolled a 5, he could have spent a Flyer to collect from spaces 2, 4, 6, or 8 instead.

Remember! Adjacent cards are those connected either horizontally or vertically to each other, not diagonally!

2. Acquire New Food Stall

On your turn, you may buy 1 Food Stall card from the Market. There are always 5 stalls available, and each space shows how many Coins you must pay for them. When you buy a Food Stall, place it on any space on your Food Court Dashboard.

You can cover another Food Stall on your dashboard! Remove the old one from the game, and keep the tokens on your Stall Space on top of the new card.

In the Market, the price of Stalls decreases from left to right. After buying a Food Stall Card, slide the remaining cards to the right, filling the space that your card occupied. Draw a new card from the Food Stall Deck and place it on the leftmost space.

Example: Barry decides he wants to buy a new Food Stall for his Food Court. He chooses a Japanese Stall for $5, drops his coins back in the reserve and takes his new card from the Market. After that, he pushes the two remaining cards to the right and draws a new one, placing it in the empty $7 space.

3. Hire Chefs

Once per turn, you may pay 4 to get the Chef for Hire to work at your Food Court.

In the Market, there are also 2 Special Chefs randomly selected at the beginning of the game. They don't cost any money but have unique requirements to be hired.

Each Special Chef can only be hired once, and they all give the reward of 3 Popularity. After you hire a Special Chef, place one of your Player Markers on top of their card. Their job is well-done, and maybe they will be back on your next game!

Cultures: Unique Effects

Special Chef Requirements

When you complete a Special Chef requirement, you are rewarded with 3 Popularity!

  • Have at least 4 Stalls from the same culture.

  • Have Stalls from at least 5 different cultures.

  • Have at least 6 connected Stars.

  • Have 5 Stalls on the non-corner spaces. (2, 4, 5, 6, 8)

  • Have at least 2 Stalls from at least 3 different cultures.

End of the Game

The end of the game is triggered once a player achieves:

  • 20 Popularity in a 2/3 player game
  • 30 Popularity in a 4/5 player game

The game ends after all remaining players completed their turn, stopping on the last player. Whoever has the most Popularity wins the game.

If there is a tie, the winner is the player with most Coins. If there's still a tie, the tied players share the victory. Congratulations! Your Food Court is the most popular in a city full of Foodies!

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