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  • Game Board
  • 1 die
  • 60 cards (300 Categories)
  • 4 Pawns
  • 1 15-second timer
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The first player or team to advance his pawn up the game board to the finish space is the winner.


Follow The Letter is designed for up to 4 players or teams. The game can be played with as few as 2 players or as many players as you'd like - divided into teams.

Place the sand timer, die, and card deck within reach of all players. To start, each player or team places his pawn on the START Space on the Game Board.

Game Play

  1. The youngest player rolls the die first to choose a category. Draw a card and read aloud the category corresponding to the number on the die.

    NOTE: Rolling a 6 is a WILD, and the person rolling may choose any category on the card.

  2. Once the category is read, the first player/team to the spinner's left is on the clock. This player now has 15 seconds to name a word, name, or phrase which fits into the chosen category.

  3. After the first answer is given, the next player or team now has 15 seconds to come up with another word, name, or phrase from that category - however, this answer must begin with the last letter from the previous answer.

    For Example: If the category is food, the first player might say "Sandwich". The second player now must say a food that begins with the Letter H (because Sandwich ends in "h").

    Player 2 might say, "Hamburger". Now the next player must say a food that begins with R (Hamburger ends in "r"), and so on.

    Note: Flip the timer after each response to put the next player/team on the clock.

  4. Play continues clockwise with players giving an answer.

    Note: When playing in teams, anyone from the team may give an answer on that team's turn. The first answer given is the one that counts, whether it is wrong or right!

  5. When a player/team can NOT come up with an answer before the 15-second timer runs out, that player/team is out for the remainder of that round.

  6. If a player/team gives an answer that has already been said for that round, that player/team is out for the remainder of that round.

  7. Play continues around the circle in this elimination format until only one player/team remains. This player/team moves his pawn up one space on the game board and a new round begins with the next player rolling the die and reading the next category aloud.

The Rule of Three

Any time the same last letter occurs 3 times in a row, the next player may have the option of using that letter, OR using the letter just before the repeated letter.

For example: (category: breakfast foods) grits, scrambled eggs, sugar smacks (the next team could choose an answer beginning with "K").

Issuing a Challenge

If a player says an answer that doesn't make sense to the other players, they may challenge that player to explain. He has 15 seconds to explain his reasoning.

All players then vote with a thumbs-up or down whether the answer is acceptable. Only a unanimous thumbs-down vote will cause the player to be out. Otherwise, the round continues.

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