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Rating: 4.9 Moderate
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-6 players
Playing time: 5-30 minutes

Official Site: Official site for Fluxx

Created by: Andrew Looney, Kristin Looney, Raúl Castellanos, Michael Hays, Naomi Kageyama, Andrew Looney, Barbara Spelger

Published by: Looney Labs, AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH, Black Monk

Alternate Names: フラックス, 浮言浪語


Fluxx is a card game in which the cards themselves determine the current rules of the game. By playing cards, you change numerous aspects of the game: how to draw cards, how to play cards, and even how to win.

At the start of the game, each player holds three cards and on a turn a player draws one card, then plays one card.

By playing cards, you can put new rules into play that change numerous aspects of the game: how many cards to draw or play, how many cards you can hold in hand or keep on the table in front of you, and (most importantly) how to win the game.

There are many editions, themed siblings, and promo cards available.

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Japan Boardgame Prize Best Japanese Game Nominee 2005
Mensa Select Winner 1999

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Fluxx is an easy game to learn because it starts out simple-Draw 1, Play 1-and becomes more complicated little by little. Many folks find that the best way to learn is by jumping right into a game, but that usually works best if at least one player in the group has played a Fluxx game before.

So, if this is the first time for everyone, someone in the group needs to read these rules. But don't worry, after you've played the game a few times, everyone will understand! …

Fluxx is a game about change that changes as you play it - it's never the same game twice!

Just about everything in this game is in flux: the number of cards you draw and play each turn, how many times you move your pieces, and even the current arrangement of the ever-changing gameboard.

How do you win? That too is subject to change!


  • 9 x board tiles
  • 2 x peg boards
  • 100 x cards
  • 12 x pieces
  • 8 x pegs
  • rules

How Is This Different From The Card Game?

For those who already know how to play Fluxx, here are the key changes and new things you'll need to know about. Obviously, there's now a gameboard, made up of tiles that will change positions as the game proceeds. …

Q: What happens if I want to play a New Rule but there's already a New Rule in the center on the table? Does it replace the old New Rule, or do they peacefully co-exist?

A: It all depends on contradictions. There's no limit on the number of New Rules that can be in play at once, as long as they don't interfere with each other.

If the New Rule you are adding has nothing to do with the existing New Rule, both rules remain. …

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