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  • 5 Award Cards
  • 20 Band Cards
  • 18 Genre Cards
  • 18 Sale Cards
  • 15 Concert Cards
  • 13 Fan Cards
  • 13 Party Cards
  • 5 Song Cards
  • 3 Destroy Cards


  1. Put the Awards cards aside.

  2. Shuffle the Game cards and deal:

    • 2 to 3 Players: 9 cards each per round
    • 4 to 5 Players: 8 cards each per round
  3. Make a draw pile with the remaining cards.

Object of the Game

Pick the best cards to make the highest scoring combos. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Game Play

  1. Pick, Pass then Flip the cards simultaneously.
  2. Grab your new cards and Pick, Pass, Flip again.
  3. The round is over when no cards remain in your hand.

Game Cards

  • Band

    Make a Band

    Unique combos of band members [Singer, Drums, Bass, Guitar] scores points. Duplicates = 1 point unless another combo is made.

  • Party

    Sets of 2+ Cards

    1 Party scores negative 2 points. 2 or more Party scores 6 points

  • Concerts

    Most per Round

    Most/2nd Most Concerts per round scores points. A minimum of 2 cards is required for Most Concerts. Ties: Most = 6/2nd Most = 3.

  • Genres

    Combos of 3

    3 Card Combos of Hip Hop, Country and Metal scores points. Multiple combos are permitted.

  • Sales

    Sets of 2 or 4

    Set of 2 or 4 Sales scores points. Multiple sets are permitted

  • Fans

    Most per Game

    Most/2nd Most Fans per game scores points. Keep Fans at the end of each round. Split Ties: Most = 9/2nd Most = 3.

  • Destroy

    Draw to Destroy

    Play Destroy cards at the end of each round.

    Band/Genre Examples: *Matching Band: Singer/Singer ** Matching Genre: Metal/Metal

  • Award

    +Draw for 10 Points

    There is a matching Award card for each Song card. At the end of the game, shuffle the Award cards. Draw one winning Award card. The player with the matching Song card wins the draw.

End of the Round

Play Destroy cards before scoring.

  1. Score points for the round.
  2. Keep Fans and Songs.
  3. Clear the cards and deal for next round.

End of the Game

Draw the Award winner before scoring.

  1. Score points for Fans and Song Award. £
  2. Tally the final scores and DECLARE A WINNER!

Tiebreaker: The player with the most Fans wins.

The game ends in a tie if the players have the same number of Fans.

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