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  • Lily Pad with 5 Levels
  • 12 Frogs (3 of Each Color)
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Score the most points by flinging your Frogs onto the Lily Pads!


  • Open the Lily Pad case and take out the Frogs. Each player chooses which color Frogs to play with. Set aside extra colors.

  • Put the Lily Pad levels together by stacking the lowest-point-value Lily Pad on the bottom.

  • Place the assembled Lily Pad on a level, steady playing surface.

Game Play

  • The player who can make the best Frog sounds goes first. If all players are equally great at Frog sounds, the owner of the game goes first!

  • Position one of your Frogs to "stand" on the playing surface and aim it toward the Lily Pad level you'd like to land on.

    Using your finger, press down on its rear to fling it forward. As your finger slips off, your Frog should jump toward the Lily Pad.

  • Your Frog will "jump" and wherever it lands, leave it there. If it lands on a Lily Pad or in the pond, you may have just scored some points!

    But watch out, other Frogs may knock you off!

  • Players take turns flinging one Frog at a time. Once all Frogs have been flung, the game ends and players count any points their Frogs have scored.

    Any Frogs not on a Lily Pad or in the pond are worth zero points.

    Frogs in the pond are worth 10 points each, the bottom Lily Pad is worth 20 points, then the next one up is 30, then 40, and the top flower is worth 50 points!

End of the Game

The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner!


  • You may want to decide upon a "line" from where you will fling your Frogs, so that all players begin from the same distance.

  • You may want to try a few practice flings to get a good idea on which distance will work best.

  • You can change the fling "line" to make the game more difficult, or to make it easier for younger players.

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