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  • 36 woods tiles
  • 20 firefly tokens
  • 6 player pawns with stands
  • 6 player tiles
  • 6 flashlight cards
  • 1 game board
  • 1 wooden die
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

First, hide your player in the woods. Then, catch fireflies to power up your special flashlight. Then, use your flashlight to shine and seek other players. Anyone found is frozen, but everyone else will sneak closer to home

The first player to reach home wins!


  1. Place the game board and wooden die in the center of the playing area.

  2. Look through the tiles (trees back) and remove all (6) that show players. Then turn the rest face down, mix and scatter them in the "woods " (left side of the board).

  3. Turn all of the Firefly tokens face down, mix and then scatter them on the "firefly field" (right side of board).

  4. Each player selects a Player tile along with matching pawn and Flashlight card. (Place any unused sets back in the box). Put your pawn in a stand and then place it on the "Start" space on the board. Place your Player tile and Flashlight card face up in front of you.

Game Play

Flashlights & Fireflies is played over a number of rounds. The person who last played a game of tag starts the first round and play continues to the left. A round consists of four phases: Hide, Catch, Shine, and Sneak.

1. Hide

Draw Woods tiles to hide your player. There are two types of Woods tiles: Trees which are the most common, and some Pests.

  • In the first round all players draw three Woods tiles from the Woods pile.

  • On later rounds, if you were frozen you will draw two extra (2-3 player game) or one extra (4-5 players) Woods tile(s). If you weren't frozen , you don't draw any tiles.

Add new Woods tiles to any you had from previous rounds. Mix in your Player tile and spread them all face down in front of you so the other players don't know where you are hiding. (You may always look at your tiles).

Starting Player Set Up:

2. Catch

Let's catch some fireflies! Starting with the first player and moving to the left, each player takes a turn rolling the Firefly die and then drawing and revealing the number of Firefly tokens equal to the number rolled.

If the Firefly token shows one or more fireflies, place it on your Flashlight card. Note: You can have up to three Firefly tokens on your flashlight at a time. If you have more, choose which to discard.

If the token shows a mosquito, oh no! You caught a nasty mosquito! Put the token back face down into the field. This counts as a draw for your turn.

3. Shine

Power up your flashlight to freeze other players! Starting with the player who rolled the die, take turns placing your Firefly tokens face up in front of other players and try to find them. You can place all, some, or none on any player not already found, but you must decide before revealing tiles. You can also save some fireflies on your flashlight for another turn.

Once you've placed your fireflies, turn over one Woods tile at a time for each firefly on the token you placed in front of that player. For example if a token has two fireflies, you can reveal two tiles. If you reveal:

Player You've found that player and they are frozen for the round! If you have fireflies in front of other play^ continue your turn.

Trees The player is still hiding! That player should say out loud, "Keep looking!"

Pest (bat, raccoon or opossum) You have been scared away by a nighttime prowler! Your turn ends immediately. Discard any remaining Firefly tokens you placed in front of players back in the firefly field.

If you have no Fireflies in your flashlight, you take no Seek action for this round.

Note: If you've placed Fireflies in front more than one player, pick one to look for first.


Once everyone has taken a turn shining , then it's time to Sneak!

  • If you are not frozen, move your pawn one space closer to home!

  • If you are frozen, you don't move. But, you will add two more Woods tiles or one more tile in a 4-5 player game in the next round during the Hide phase.

Starting a New Round

Place all used Firefly tokens back face down in the firefly field and mix them up. If no one is on home, start a new round by once again following the above four steps (Hide, Catch, Shine, Sneak).

End of the Game

The first player to reach home wins! If two or more players reach home at the same time, the player with the most face down tiles left wins.

If still tied, have a firefly catching contest. Each player draws one Firefly tile from the field. If you draw the most fireflies , then you win. If still tied, draw again!

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