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Easy Rules For Younger Players

Object of the Game

Be The Player With The Shortest Nose At The End Of Each Round.


  1. Each player puts on a pair of glasses.

  2. Put the Game Mat in the center of the table. Place the Noses around the Game Mat.

  3. Deal out the cards evenly to all players.

  4. Player to the left of the dealer starts; play continues clockwise (to the dealer's left).

Game Play

  1. If you're the first player, choose ANY card from your hand to be "in play". Lay it face down in the center of Game Mat to form a Discard Pile. Then, announce the card (for example, "I saw a Witch").

  2. The next player (to your left) has two choices:

    • 1. Play a Card

      • If they have the same card (a Witch), they can play it face down on the mat and also announce, "I saw a Witch".

      • If they DON'T have the same card, they must play any other card from their hand, but must say, "I saw a Witch".

    • 2. Call "fibber"

      If they think the card you just played isn't the card you announced, they can call you a "Fibber".

      • If you weren't fibbing, the player who accused you (to your left) must take a nose and add it to their glasses. They then pick any card from their hand, announce it and play it face down on the mat. This card is now in play.

      • If you were fibbing, YOU must put the played card back in your hand and add a nose to your glasses. Then pick any card from your hand, announce it and lay it face down on the mat. This card is now in play.

  3. Play continues in a clockwise direction, with players discarding and announcing whatever card is in play.

Playing a Wild Card

A Wild Card takes the place of any other card. You cannot announce a Wild Card; you play the Wild Card and announce whatever card is in play. You are never fibbing when you're playing a Wild Card!

Scoring The Round

After all the cards have been played, the round is over. Players score 1 point for each nose they have on their glasses.

End of the Game

Keep a running total of each player's score per round. The player with the lowest score after playing five rounds wins!

Example of Play:

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