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Anatomy of a Card

A. Card Class - The color of a card dictates its class. Red= Attack, Blue= Defense, Yellow= Special, Green= Delivery, Orange= Labor.

B. Card Action - The text at the bottom explains the card's function.

C. Action Type - The Icon in the top-left corner helps to indicate what type of action is taken. ex. +2 indicates "Draw two cards". It's pretty simple.

Attack Cards

Umbilical Lasso

(Qty 8). Use this attack to steal one card from any player you'd like.


(Qty 3). Use this attack to peek at a player's hand before you steal any one of their cards.

Overdue Baby

(Qty 3). Use this attack to skip any player's next turn. They may resume play after one skipped turn.

Morning Sickness

(Qty 3). Use this attack to force a player to discard two of their cards.

Defense Cards


(Qty 2). This baby blocks attack, defense, and special cards at any time. Play a Douche. Block a Douche.

Be A Douche.

Amniotic Armor

(Qty 3). Use this card to block incoming attacks from other players. Blocks any ALL attack cards.

Mood Swing

(Qty 3). If your are attacked, you may use this card to reverse the attack on the attacker. Pretty brutal, eh?

Special Cards

Induce Labor

(Qty 2). Use this special to force the Labor Card to be played. If nobody has the Labor Card, you must discard two cards from your hand.

Preg. Cravings

(Qty 4). Use this special to draw two additional cards from the draw pile. You must then discard one card from your entire hand.

Womb Raider

(Qty 3). Use this special to raid the discard pile for any one card that you want.

Yes, Dr. Jones Is Technically A Tomb Raider, Too. So.

Delivery Cards


(Qty 18). These cards are your tickets out of this dark hole. Keep in mind that holding pairs of matching Contraction Cards helps determine tie- breakers.


(Qty 2). This medically enhanced Contraction is worth two Contraction Cards. Hold onto these for dear life!


(Qty 1). (3 extra Labor Cards included)

This mama ends the game! You can hold onto it for as long as you'd like, and play it on your turn. (Unless someone forces it to be played with an Induce Labor Card and you don't have a DOUCHE Card to block it).

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