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♦ Efficiency is freedom

The administrative prowess of Exocorp is undisputed-everything runs smoothly, projects are always on budget, and idle time has been almost completely eliminated.

The secret, it seems, is that the leadership of Exocorp has replaced personal desire with a profound collective will.

The needs of Exocorp's workforce are always considered; every relationship is closely monitored for healthy patterns, neural implants echo a steady stream of daily priorities, and time for creative activity is structured into the quarterly regimen. Clear and well-communicated expectations are the foundation of joy.

♦ In all things, harmony

Don't let the lackadaisical appearance of COSMOSIS researchers fool you-those wacky individualists are on the cutting edge of using chaos dynamics to model collateral impacts on ecological harmony.

The "butterfly effect" isn't just a metaphor for COSMOSIS, it's a daily topic of sophisticated measurement.

Sure, COSMOSIS employees all surf the solar winds on the weekend and grow crops in ancient ways, but there is nothing superficial about their respect for cosmic harmony. There's no place like homeostasis.

♦ Beyond Barriers

Never tell a ZSPACE researcher something can't be done. To the staff of ZSPACE, technological inquiry requires a singular focus, an absence of fear, and a willingness to embrace momentary ambiguities.

ZSPACE demands perfection and their process celebrates mistakes in product development as necessary to the path of flawless execution. Their tech is the envy of the solar system; every need is anticipated, every product is self-repairing, and every interface adapts to the needs of the user.

♦ New Eyes, New Life

The ultimate goal for Stellar Vanguard is a galaxy filled with humanity and prosperous colonies. For members of this restless organization, wherever they go, they go with all their heart - they aren't just travel agents, they're constant agents of travel.

Stellar Vanguard taps into the belief that the human species gains significant benefits by being forever on the move. They know where everything is and are required to experience all the most fantastic vistas in the solar system.

The greatest vacation is the one that never ends. And humanity's ultimate home is travelling among the stars.

♦ Tomorrow is taught today

The Scientific Academy for Global Advancement are pioneers of integrative research and take a cooperative, unselfish approach to technological advancement. Their commitment to science and public service is legendary.

As a publicly funded agency, members of SAGA are advocates of a better tomorrow through teamwork and inspiring experiential education. No research or exploration is complete until it's been made into a lesson plan.

♦ Serendipity Awaits

Theoretical possibility compels the scientists at Infinity Limited. The organization is filled with highly-specialized experts from fields like gravitational evolution, quantum topology, and cosmic entropy.

If employees don't ask "What if?" every hour, they haven't been productive.

To connect with this quirky staff, Infinity Limited selects managers with a breadth of knowledge, a wealth of interests, and a tolerance for "low-threshold cognitive escape velocity" (i.e. short attention spans).

The very best administrators also appreciate superstitious behavior and puns-lots and lots of puns.

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