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  • 185 Tokens
  • 250 Question Cards
  • 64 Rush Hour Cards
  • 16 Answer Cards
  • 1 Timer
  • 7 Fact or Crap Signs
  • 1 Rules Sheet

Object of the Game

Fact is often stranger than fiction. In this fast-paced trivia game, your aim is to dazzle the opposition with how much you know about the world we live in. From the day to day to the truly bizarre, you will be asked the one question that really counts- is it Fact or Crap?


Shuffle the Question cards with the Rush Hour cards so the Rush Hour cards are spread randomly throughout the pack. Place the shuffled pack of cards and the timer in the middle of the players.

Each player receives a 'Fact' and a 'Crap' Answer card.

All players start the game with 8 tokens and the rest go in a pile in the middle of all the players.

Game Play

The person who owns the game or the host starts the game as the Reader of the first Question card.

The players take turns being the Reader in a clockwise direction.

After the Reader has read the first question, the other players have to decide as fast as they can whether the answer is Fact or Crap. The players indicate their answer by putting face down either their Fact Answer card or Crap Answer card.

The Reader then determines which player was the first to put their Answer card down. Once all of the Answer cards are down, the player who was first to answer turns over their Answer card. If the answer is correct, they receive 2 tokens from the middle pile.

The Reader will then ask everyone to turn their Answer cards over. All other players with the correct answer will receive 1 token. All players with the wrong answer (including the player who puts their Answer card down first) will have to put 1 token back in the middle pile.

The Reader's turn is complete when all 3 questions have been read. The Question card is then returned, face down, to the bottom of the Question card pile.

During the game you will randomly draw Rush Hour cards. The Reader who picks up a Rush Hour card may nominate any player to answer the Rush Hour questions. Once the nomination has been made, the egg timer is turned over and the Reader begins to read the questions.

The aim is to have all 5 questions asked and answered within the time limit so that both Reader and the answering player have a chance to win as many extra tokens as possible.

Rush Hour Scoring

To score in Rush Hour, you win tokens as you go. After the first question is read the nominated player answers and then the Reader says whether it is Fact or Crap. If the player is correct they grab a token from the pile in the middle.

If they are wrong the Reader gets the token instead. The next question is then asked and so on until all questions on the card have been asked or the timer runs out. Remember, you have to be quick- you only have 30 seconds!

If the timer runs out before a question has been read in full or before the nominated player answers, no token is awarded to either player.

Fact or Crap Signs

There are 7 signs included in the game. Insert a stick through the die-cut slots of the sign so that slightly more than %" of the stick shows above the top slot and approximately 2" of the stick forms a handle below the sign.

Signs replace the Fact or Crap Answer cards. Each player or team receives one sign. Instead of placing a Fact or Crap Answer card to announce an answer, the player or team holds up their cards with the correct response facing the Reader. The Reader still determines which player or team was first to answer.

End of the Game

There are two ways to win Fact or Crap.

  1. The game ends when all tokens from the middle pile are gone. Players then count up their tokens. The player with the most tokens is the winner, proving they know the most Fact or Crap!

  2. In the event that all players but 1 have lost their tokens, the remaining player is deemed the winner.

If at any time during the game a player loses all of their tokens, (s)he is then out of the game.

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