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  • 336 game cards
  • 1 Dry-erase score card
  • 1 Dry-erase marker
  • 60-second sand timer
  • Instructions sheet

Object of the Game

Score the most points by answering the most questions EVERYBODY KNOWS the answers to!


The Oldest player goes first (Or Team containing the oldest player). Any other player may be the question-reader/score-keeper. Keep the scorecard and marker within reach of the reader.

Game Play

To start the game, the first reader draws the top card and prepares to read the ten questions on the card.

When the answering player or team is ready, the reader flips the sand timer and asks question 1 on the card.

  • If the answering team answers correctly, the reader checks off the corresponding box on the scorecard.

  • If the answer given is incorrect, play moves on to the next question and this one may be returned to if time permits after all ten questions have been read.

The reader continues asking questions and recording correct answers with a check on the scorecard until the timer runs out.

Once the 60-second timer has expired, record the points for that round (card) in the space on the scorecard.

End of the Game

Play continues until every player has a chance to play 5 rounds (cards). The team with the most points wins! EVERYBODY KNOWS that!

Alternative Scoring - All or Nothing

For a more "cut-throat" everybody knows challenge, try playing "All or Nothing" style (Great for Team Play!).

The game play is similar to the rules above with questions being read by one player/team and answered by the opposing player/team.

However, you must answer all 10 questions correctly before time runs out. Go 10 for 10 in 60-seconds and you win that card. Earn 3 cards first to win the game! (For team play, earn 5 cards first to win)

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