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  • 24 Dice (12 colored and 12 white)
  • 40 Dice challenge cards
  • 4 Dice holders
  • Steven
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Earn the most cards and win.


Each player chooses a set of 6 dice (3 of the same color and 3 white) and a color-coordinated dice holder. Place Steven and the stack of cards face down in the middle of the playing surface.

Game Play

Choose one player to flip over and read aloud one dice challenge card. (For younger players, use cards marked with a star in the upper right corner).

All players race to complete the dice challenge by rolling their dice and placing them into a dice holder. Roll as many times as necessary to complete the dice challenge. Place each correct die into your holder as you go.

The player who completes the dice challenge first AND grabs Steven wins the round, and keeps the dice challenge card.

Game Rules

AII dice must be in the dice holder slots to complete the challenge.

Players should take turns reading the challenge cards.

Play is "all play" all the time.

End of the Game

The player who has the most cards after 10 rounds wins the game!

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